“Patafritas” is located at the corner of Tsimiski and Aristotelous streets, in the most central part of Thessaloniki and one could say that it is now a vintage street food spot of the city.

Since 2000, when it first opened, inspired by the corresponding Dutch street food trend of the ’90s – fried potatoes with mayonnaise in a cone – it has been and still is one of the most sought-after stores in its area, a meeting point and an opportunity to try truly unique proposals and combinations of fried potato and sauce, which are purely its own innovation.

How can anyone resist the yams with chicken and parmesan sauce or the fried potatoes with mushrooms and bacon for take away?

“Patafritas” stores have a history that perhaps not many people know. Their creators, inspired by the street food culture of the Netherlands and the fried potatoes with mayonnaise in a cone that they encountered on every trip, decided to introduce the same proposal in Thessaloniki, filling a gap that definitely existed in the field of street food at the time. The first stores opened in 1999, at the corner of Tsimiski and Aristotelous streets and at the corner of Gounari and Tsimiski streets, surrounded by an atmosphere that included comics, music and street vibes or ambience notes.

The company was the first to introduce the fried potato to the market as an exclusive suggestion for take away, in various shapes and with different sauces to accompany it.

Thanks to this business we first learned about yams (cubes of fried potato) and bites (in the shape of a crescent moon), beyond the classic, long and narrow shape of fried potato and chips, a truly unique proposition: fresh chips, cut in a machine on site and which you can get fresh, in their packaging.

Ideas that gave a new shape and color to the fried potato as a street food and that were even reinforced by the innovation in the packaging itself, the characteristic yellow paper “plate” on which they are served to us, which changes depending on the product.

The sauces we all loved

French fries are the favorite food of all ages and this was the basic idea that inspired the concept of “Patafritas”, with the potato emerging as a main dish, instead of an appetizer, becoming the protagonist and constituting the main meal along with its sauce, based on quality and deliciousness.

The products remain almost exclusively the same, since 2000: yam fries with hot mushroom-bacon sauce, the wonderful feta sauce that they were the first to introduce to the market, the Sky Mix with mustard-mayonnaise sauce, are among the most popular flavors that characterize the corner of “Patafritas”.

Potatoes of your choice with minced red meat, with mayonnaise-curry sauce or parmesan cream are also among your options and you can combine them with whatever shape of potato you prefer.

A flavor that existed during the first decade of operation of “Patafritas” and that you will not find now, is the crab sauce (surimi) with cream and mustard. Even this flavor, however, may soon return to the list, as it was loved by many. There are “Patafritas” fanatics. People who will choose specific items, every time, and this is also the success of the business, since its flavors have become particularly loved. And the ingenuity in sauces continues.

Today “Patafritas” can be found in their classic location, at the corner of Tsimiski and Aristotelous streets and in the “Mediterranean Cosmos” shopping center. Especially the store in the center of the city, apart from being an ideal place for take away, it is also an ideal meeting point mainly for the younger ages.

From 12 noon until 12 at night, with the smell of fried potatoes, making every effort to resist extremely difficult. After all, there is no other place like “Patafritas”.