The Pink Dot café is one of the places that Thessaloniki has loved, both for its wonderful aesthetics and for the dominance of “pink” which it praises, highlighting it as a symbol of elegance, warmth and fun.

Surely you have seen it pop up in a lot of photos on social media and it has piqued your interest, with the magic it exudes. You will discover this well-travelled area inside Apollonia Politia, on the sea side. A visit to its terrace, enjoying the idyllic view of both Thermaikos and the entire city, we guarantee that it will give your everyday life the touch of absolute beauty and carefreeness you need.

The Pink Dot café is as if it has sprung from the pages of a fairy tale, flooded with beautiful flowers, classy decoration, relaxing music and kind staff who are always by your side to help you choose among the many tasty creations that fill the place with smells.

The flower cave, next to the imposing marble bar, is a spot that attracted all eyes from the very first day that the cafe made its debut in Eastern Thessaloniki. That’s why you’ll often see it starring at most parties and events that take place at Pink Dot.

A destination for every hour of the day

Pink Dot café is the ideal choice for any time of the day. Choose to start your day here and you will remember us. Brunch is their specialty! The options are so many that you will want to visit it every day to try something more.

If you are a sworn coffee lover, then their incredible coffee (a blend of arabica varieties, specially designed by Qualita Unica exclusively for them) will become a daily necessity for you. And of course, you will want to take a picture of it as the unique pink latte art that adorns each of their drinks gives them a unique character. And before you rush to ask, I will tell you that yes, you can request to print whatever you want. So personalized it!

You will enjoy your tea in the cutest teapots, while their colorful smoothies, cocktails, drinks, fruity wines and movenpick ice creams will steal your heart.

It is impossible to visit Pink Dot and not enjoy some of the amazing options offered by their constantly renewed menu for every meal of the day. Undoubtedly, you will also be delighted by the buffet-“jewel” with its sweet suggestions. From the sweetest desserts to the healthiest and gluten free, the way they are arranged will captivate you.

If you are still looking for a place to organize unforgettable events and parties, with all the necessary equipment at your disposal, impressing your guests, then Pink Dot and its pink team are there and waiting for you to plan every detail with them.

Pink Dot is an experience that if you don’t live it, you can’t feel its magic. One visit is enough for you to become one of its “devoted” visitors, or as they sweetly say, a PinkDoter.