Sigma Wine and Cocktail Bar is housed in the SHotel and is the new place to be in the center of Thessaloniki, as its elegance and premium character have won the trust of many of us.

Its doors first opened in December 2021 and in less than a year of operation, it has become the favorite hangout spot for professionals and employees of the surrounding area who choose it for their lunch break, but also for various business meetings, as well as for all who wish to enjoy the affordable luxury it generously offers.

A space that exudes elegance

Its space is a hymn to the ancient heritage of Thessaloniki, with its glass floor highlighting the antiquities found in the space and which give a sense of the glory of the “golden” past.

Its urban minimal style comes to add its own notes of luxury, in a quiet environment on the pedestrian street of Kalapothaki, which exudes elegance and warmth.

The best way to start your day

At Sigma from 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. you can enjoy its new and renewed Breakfast & Brunch Menu.

You will have the opportunity to taste delicious pancakes, the eggs of your choice and many other options together with an aromatic coffee, to have the best possible start to your day.

Lunch break & meeting point

Sigma’s space is the ideal place for a break from your work, but also for a potential business meeting, with the quietness that surrounds it being your absolute ally.

Don’t hesitate to take a coffee break on the pedestrian street of Kalapothaki for a freshly grounded cappuccino, which gives a different “air” to your psychology, amidst the exhausting rhythms of everyday life.

You will also find an all-day menu with hot and cold dishes to your liking.

A wine tasting destination

If you are a wine lover, in the afternoon and until 00:00 you have the opportunity to taste selections from domestic and international wine labels.

Finally, it is worth living the fine drinking experience at Sigma’s bar with a cocktail from its renewed list, with an aperitivo, or with a glass of your favorite drink, from its strictly premium collection.