In a cobbled street in Ladadika, you will find “Sourtouko”. A modern restaurant for those who love interesting and quality food,  where the heart of Thessaloniki beats.

Away from the crowds, in a space with industrial elements and happy mood, “Sourtouko” has been serving “walkable” tasting options inspired by the Greek and Mediterranean cuisine since April 2019.

Greek cuisine with a twist

The people at “Sourtouko” love to create beautiful dishes, with a Greek and Mediterranean inspiration. The primary role in all of this is played by the excellent raw materials,  that are the basis for the very tasty culinary proposals which you will find in this welcoming and casual hangout place.

Of course, the season of each dish also plays a big role, as the menu changes according to the good things that are produced each season. You will find many interesting options for meat, seafood or fish. All of them “teased” enough to reintroduce themselves to the people of Thessaloniki , through the eyes of the team of “Sourtouko” restaurant.

The cheese mille feuille, as well as the breaded feta with petimezi are excellent choices for starters. The same, of course, with the smoked fava beans with tangerine, but also the breaded shrimps with carob honey sauce and sweet chili. The grilled mushrooms are also delicious, while the falafel is a very tasty choice for meze or as a main dish,  for those who are vegetarian.

Among the musts at “Sourtouko” is the handmade pork gyros made of marinated neck steaks. The Tzoumayas sausage and the veal liver with cockles are also interesting dishes. If you still love seafood, don’t miss trying the stuffed thrapsalo with goat’s feta, olives, capers, cherry tomatoes and Florini pepper, or the grilled octopus with lentils. Both are delights. Shrimp juvechi and seafood risotto are not far behind. Bites and snacks. At “Sourtouko” you will also find a vegan menu so delicious that even the loyal meat eaters in the group will want to try it.

A hangout with fanatical followers

In addition to its very tasty and special menu, “Sourtouko” also offers its customers a unique environment. It is a modern space, with industrial elements but also plenty of  color,  with beautiful murals and pleasant music, that has become a hangout place and has acquired fanatical followers.

The excellent service from the friendly and willing staff, is another strong card for “Sourtouko”. So if you’re in the mood for a tsipouraki or beer with your company, visit “Sourtouko”, choose your appetizers and you won’t miss out! For those of you who want to enjoy her creative flavors at home, there is also the capability to pick them up from the store.

Tip: It would be good to make a reservation before your visit to “Sourtouko”, as it is a very popular restaurant.