The story of Square 5 Shoes begins in 2007, in one of the most emblematic areas of the center of Thessaloniki, in Agia Sofia square, at number 5. From there, its owners were also inspired by its name, giving it something from the magic and timeless beauty of the area.

A few years later and after it had started to create its own audience, the store was moved to its current address, on Mitropoleos 26, where it has now established itself as one of the most suitable destinations for quality footwear, for women and men.

Quality shoes, carefully selected one by one

In the windows and shelves of Square 5 Shoes you will not see a “chattering” assortment of products, but pieces carefully selected one by one, as the owners of the store have extensive experience in the field of footwear, both retail and wholesale, and know very good at recognizing quality shoes.

With the excellent service they offer to their customers, they help them make the ideal choice, according to their style and personality. At Square 5 Shoes you will find both international and Greek brands, you will admire the latest fashion trends on your feet and you will certainly find the shoes that will elevate your appearance. After all, it is one of the strongest elements of any outfit – whether casual or more formal.

What makes Square 5 Shoes stand out, apart from the high quality of its footwear, is the excellent prices it secures for its customers. Here you will wear shoes of top fit and comfort, with the signature of major companies and in fact, at the best prices on the market – which makes the store a value for money choice for our purchases.

All roads lead to Square 5 Shoes, especially for those who love quality footwear and indeed, with… steps “dressed” in style and comfort!