Stefano Mario is a family business that has been active in the field of men’s accessories since 1983. The father of the family, Mr. Grigoriadis, with an innate appeal to the object, started to import and manufacture ties, while following the same pattern, he added to his collection belts and other men’s accessories.

After several years of experience in the field, he opened the first tie factory – store at 37 Valaoritou Street. It is a space with retro elements and a complete range of products, or otherwise a distinctive boutique for men’s clothing accessories.


In the mid-90s, the brand name was changed for the first time. Now the products began to be available on the market under the Stefano Mario brand, while a characteristic element in the logo is the milestone date for the company in 1983.

After almost 40 years of highly successful career, keeping the style and quality, but with constant evolution as the driving force, the doors of Stefano Mario continue to be open for those looking for the perfect men’s accessories to complete their outfit.

The evolution of the business

In 2006, the second Stefano Mario store was opened at 3 Solomou Street, expanding the dynamics of the business.

Since 2014, realizing the needs of the market as well as the development of technology, the company acquired its online store,, now moving into another era, full of new possibilities.

It is worth noting that the “new era” of the company has been overseen by the sons of the family, Stefanos and Dimitris Grigoriadis, adding their own modern and innovative touches, developing the family business into an integral part of the men’s accessories market.

The tie in the spotlight

The tie is the product that characterizes Stefano Mario, as it has a wide variety and distinct designs for every preference. At the same time, it has created a wide range of options for every taste that is renewed every season.

In Stefano Mario stores you will also find complete collections of men’s leather belts, scarves, cufflinks, suspenders, tie clips, men’s jewelry, swimwear, etc.

Wholesale network

Finally, Stefano Mario’s team has created a wholesale network, with selected partners throughout Greece. At the same time, they undertake special orders from companies, hotels, groups, organizations, etc., adapting their products to the needs of each customer.

Stefano Mario’s motto is “we fit on your outfit”, however we will tell you that not only it “fits” in our appearance, but it is also an integral part of it. After all, the details make the difference, and the details in our style are without a doubt our accessories.

Stefano Mario has been one of the most loved places for men’s accessories for almost 40 years in the city of Thessaloniki, taking the style of its customers to the next level, while never stopping to innovate with its excellent qualities and unique designs. Without a doubt, a “station” in men’s style.