There are rock bars in Thessaloniki, and very good ones, spread all over the city. There is, however, one neighborhood in the center of the city, where one finds a lot of them together. A street that you may say is dedicated to rock music in all its manifestations and this is Aigyptou Street, in Ladadika, where “Stones Rock Bar” has “rooted” there since 2016.

A worthy representative of this particular type of music and entertainment, this bar is a daily destination and hangout, for almost all ages. Does rock have an age? After all, as the owners say: “everyone is welcome in their big rock family”.

“Stones Rock Bar” first opened in 1995 in Skydra, in 2004 in the center of Thessaloniki, in Pavlou Mela street and in 2016 in Ladadika, where it has been operating since then.

The “recipe for success”

There is one philosophy here: that of rock music, in all its spectrum: from the most classic sounds, from classic rock, oldies, rock ‘n’ roll, hard, metal to contemporary, alternative, indie, new wave and punk. Artists whose music may not “fit” into the above categories, but their philosophy does: Bob Marley, James Brown and many other “legends” also have their place here.

From 6 in the afternoon until dawn, every day, we will hear from Beatles to Radiohead and from Rolling Stones to Motorhead and in general all kinds of light or heavy rock, choices that satisfy every taste.

Not by chance, we will find here also people of all ages, from students to quite older regular customers and many “rock” visitors to the city, from other regions of Greece or abroad, who find at “Stones Rock Bar” – a classic rock bar, completely renovated – the ideal entertainment spot.

The “recipe” for success, also classic and guaranteed: an updated wine cellar even for the most demanding customers, a wide range of cocktails and plenty of beers. In addition to the bottled ones, we will also find five different cannulas. Live nights, hard rock parties and of course friendly faces and impeccable service is the way in which “Stones”, “weaves the veil of rock music, which covers our evenings”, in the historical area of Ladadika.

Live rock nights, quality music

The evenings with live music every Tuesday are a tradition here, with artists both from the city of Thessaloniki and other cities, as well as from abroad. Favorite representatives of Greek and international rock music have passed through here, such as Dimitris Poulikakos with Nikos Spyropoulos, long-time partner of Pavlos Sidiropoulos, Thanos Berlis from Diaphana Krina, Nikos Dounousis from Blues Wire, the former bassist of Iced Earth and partner Blaze Bayley, Luke Appleton, Skyclad and many more.

For fans of the genre, rock sound and quality music as a whole constitute a “compass”, which undoubtedly points to “Stones Rock Bar”, as one of the main corresponding destinations in the city of Thessaloniki.

Here someone feels like at home and easily joins the big family, which has been created for 20 years. Rock mood, uplifting atmosphere and good company, guarantee a perfect outing. John Lennon has it, after all. Paraphrasing? Time enjoyed by wasting it is never time wasted. Leaving the venue, the rock echo does not stop. It joins the counterparts of the surrounding stores, which for years have been operating collectively, with common events – such as the beer festival. It’s not by chance that Aigyptou Street is called the rockiest street in the city! And “Stones Rock Bar” is certainly one of the most successful nightclubs in Thessaloniki and the wider region.