There’s no way you’ll pass through Navarinou Square and not notice Streat – on the one hand because the line of customers reaches… the other end, on the other hand because your eye will surely fall on the paper boxes with the food that smell wonderful – and they look (and are!) delicious.

It is always full of people who want to try one more pasta, or try one more cocktail.

Streat is only a year (or so) old, but it’s been embraced straight away by everyone – local workers, passers-by, students who want a quick but cheap and filling meal before and after university classes.

The triple of success

Coffee, cocktails and pasta – three words that describe Streat’s menu, not missing its perfect salads which we at least have to give a special mention as they have saved us from great hunger.

On the menu, in terms of the wide variety of pastas, we stand out the pink vodka pasta with chicken, cream, parmesan and red sauce extinguished with vodka, the Streat Pasta with chicken, bacon, seasonal vegetables, the 4-cheese pasta, the white Bolognese with minced meat and white sauce, the carbonara, the alpesto but also the epic shrimp pasta! Once you try some of the delicious pastas, you will come back every day!

On the other hand, we immediately loved the chicken salad with pasta, chicken, corn, carrot, the SKG Salad with pasta, peppers, sesame, tomato, cucumber, basil and last but not least, the cool summer, delicious tuna salad!

Choose a cocktail and let’s sit together in the square

Streat is very fond of cocktails and for this reason, every night it is filled with people who, either after their meal or before, will take a cocktail and sit in the square with their friends.

We’ll mention a few favorites – apart from the classics, such as the Margarita, Mai Tai, Long Island, Daquiri and Mojito, while our hearts were won by the Paloma, with tequila, lime and grapefruit soda, the Green Streat, with gin, sugar, apple and lemon, Streat Jim with Metaxa, 3 sec, lime and bitter almond, and more!

Coffee in Streat, food in Streat, drink in Streat. So you are 100% covered! And it’s in the most convenient and central spot!