“Square of the Seven Roads” was what the Jews, traders of cheese, coffee and spices used to call Emporiou Square, because seven roads ended in it. So right there, in the ever-growing neighborhood of Emporiou Square, you will find The Mood luxury rooms, an impressive proposal in the hotel world of the city.

The three-storey building has been completely renovated, with high aesthetic decoration and with a willingness to meet the needs of even the most demanding customer. The boutique hotel consists of 18 comfortable and fully equipped rooms.

All hotel rooms are designed with clean lines, a modern decorative point of view and selected materials of top quality, combining in a unique way absolute comfort with the requirements of modern design.

The Mood Bar

The architecturally traditional building together with the chef’s tasteful approaches takes you on a journey to the era of Thessaloniki when everything was so simple and polite. A space of excellent aesthetics, in which special emphasis was given to its decoration in order to be the ultimate point of relaxation for every hour of the day, in the heart of the city.

The Mood Bar was created to offer unique choices of dishes. Enjoy your morning coffee, continue with your brunch until noon and for the rest of the day combine your main course with a cool cocktail of your choice. The bar staff is always in the best mood and aims to provide you with excellent service.