The Times café-bar needs no special introduction, as it is one of the most popular entertainment destinations in the whole of Thessaloniki. Although it is located on the west side, specifically, in Polichni, it has managed to spread its reputation, making it a favorite meeting point for groups of friends from all over the city, as well as from the suburbs.

Its doors were opened for the first time in December 2013, by a group of friends, who decided to leave their own mark on the dining scene of Thessaloniki – something that, as history has shown, they succeeded in doing.

The Times quickly broke away from the “mentality” of the neighborhood café bar, offering its guests high-quality service, without losing its authenticity.

At Times you can enjoy its excellent quality coffee from 9:30 in the morning until late in the afternoon, either inside the café or in its beautiful courtyard. Whichever choice you make, the only thing certain is that you will find yourself in a particularly neat environment decorated with industrial elements that exude style and uniqueness.

The pulse of nightlife beats here

Our nights at the Times are completely different, as it has succeeded in creating a “school” of his own, rooted in authentic Greek entertainment. Here you will see people dancing and having fun, until the early hours of the morning, with favorite Greek selections and with the DJ giving his own pulse.

At the same time, at Times you can accompany your drink with your favorite hookah flavor, thus giving an oriental flavor to your night.

In winter, Sundays at the Times are now established for its customers, as ‘Sunday Sins’ takes place, a constantly sold-out weekly event, which has won the best impressions. With the tubercle and dulcimer in the foreground, you’ll see the world becoming “one” as the fun skyrockets!

Unbeatable service

As staff and people of Times say, “the shops are their people”, which is why you will fully experience here the excellent service combined with the sincere kindness and smile of its team, which is always willing to serve you.

The Times café-bar is now a “firm” in the entertainment of Thessaloniki, having managed to stand out with its quality, consistency and authenticity. But mainly for the passion of both its owners and its staff, for the creation of a unique space, which effortlessly seduces its customers into smiles, joy and fun!