The name Titania for the inhabitants of Thessaloniki is very familiar and beloved. One of the oldest bakeries in town, with a long history of quality and taste. For 87 years, it has been fermenting and baking daily bread (and not only), while it is famous for the round bread roll from Thessaloniki.

It all started in 1935 by Dimitrios Hatziioannidis, who only produced bagels and bread. In 1972, his son, Nikolaos Hatziioannidis, took over the business, who moved the pastry shop to its current headquarters, in the heart of Thessaloniki, at 22 Karolou Dil Street, and enriched it with many new types of pastry.

This is how Titania Bakery was established as a point of reference in the center of Thessaloniki. And now with a new store at 139 Tsimiski Street in the area of the YMCA.

Classic favorite flavors meet modern influences and the result is unique

Titania Bakery has been famous for generations not only for its bread, but also for everyone’s favorite round bread roll from Thessaloniki. In a city where you find it on every corner, Titania Bakery’s particular bread roll really stands out.

Faithfully following the old recipe, loved by many generations, it is so crispy on the outside and so fluffy on the inside, that it wins you over in every bite!

You can also find it with praline or tahini or Philadelphia filling, and they also have a bread roll with cheese and corn.

Besides the famous round bread roll from Thessaloniki, here you will find a lot of other sweet and salty delicacies.

Pastries and country pies, puff pastry in various flavors, dips, buns, cakes, sandwiches, croissants, individual and family sweets.

Perfect for any craving, any time of the day

At Titania Bakery you will find something for every hour of the day and for every preference!

The store on Karolou Dill Street has been renovated and offers coffee, while the store on Tsimiski Street has a beautiful outdoor area and indoor stands, where you can take a break or start your day with a nice view of the YMCA park.

At Titania Bakery they make sure our day starts in the best way. With a smile and a pleasant mood, they are waiting for you from early in the morning, for aromatic coffee and breakfast.

Incredible buns, fluffy croissants and cakes, delicious puffs are just some of the options to accompany your coffee.

Know that their authentic, crispy and delicious country pies will really blow your mind!

And if you pay attention to your diet, here you will find natural juices, smoothies and 4 different energy bowls with combinations of tahini, peanut butter, honey, fresh fruit, granola and chocolate.

Snacking at Titania Bakery becomes a treat! Every day they fill their finest breads with various cold meats, cheeses, vegetables, sauces and herbs, creating tasty and satisfying snacks.

Catering with homemade taste and quality

Titania Bakery undertakes catering for events, but also for businesses, such as hotels, cafés, restaurants, always with the favorite homemade taste and quality. They choose the raw materials very carefully and the place where they are prepared is built according to the latest rules and systems of quality, hygiene, preparation, management and storage of food (ISO 22000).

Titania Bakery has been proving for decades that love, passion and authenticity stand the test of time and adapt to every season.