No one imagined in 1899, when the beautiful building on Vasileos Georgiou Avenue was first built, that this amazing building would welcome so many people in every phase of its life.

The beautiful building that has housed our beloved “Dentro sto Bar” (which means “Tree in the Bar”) for 10 years now has a long history and many hidden stories inside it!

From the School for the Deaf, then a restaurant and a club (it was once home to Bandiera and GhettoLux), an old mansion with a courtyard on Vasileos Georgiou Avenue, next to the beach and very close to the White Tower, has stolen our hearts for many years now!

From yesterday to today

With respect and love the team of “Dentro sto Bar” created a timeless hangout that has already left its own unique mark on the city, and is one of the avenue’s ornaments as it lights up every night and beautifies the area.

Its courtyard was renovated a while ago (by InteriorArchitect-Designer Anna Trimi), and we can say that it has become even more beautiful – with its black and white tiles, white table seats, and plants, it is an oasis on the busy street that serves coffees , drinks, snacks and cocktails from morning to night.

The original idea was to create a classic, stage-bar with daily live concerts, and that’s how it happened – and when the curtain falls in spring, the action and life move to the welcoming courtyard in the shade of the tree.

The tree we are talking about has a name and it is called “Sophora” with characteristic green branches with complex, green leaves.

With a cocktail list like a fairy tale

In the evening, its impressive bar with 40 beer selections, with new additions from small breweries in Greece, but also a rich cellar of drinks and cocktails – and what cocktails (!) – which they seem to spring from a fairy tale that you will find written in the menu and give you a hint of what it is about to enjoy!

What would you prefer? A Memories cocktail or maybe a Downtown? Accompanied by a variety of sweets & snacks! Of course, there is never a lack of music – since the themed parties, where well-known DJs are hosted, are constantly on the program.

“Dentro sto Bar” has another very strong card – of which it is especially proud – the tight-knit team, pleasant and cheerful and above all kind – and you understand it immediately both in terms of work and chemistry – since the team is now a fist (they work together, they have fun together)…  And in fact  “Dentro sto Bar” organizes Staff Parties that are unforgettable!