It may be called “The Neon Cafe”, but this particular restaurant first opened on Anatolikis Thrakis Street in Toumba in 1991 and since then has been one of the best places to go out in the wider area and in Thessaloniki in general, together with its younger “brothers” of the same name of, at 39 Diogenous Street since 2013 and at 205 Grigoriou Lambraki Street since 2017.

Thanks to its excellent dishes and courteous service, which have been ensured by the partners who operate the three stores, the reputation of “Neon” has reached the whole city and for this reason, it attracts people from every part of Thessaloniki and beyond.

On the menu of “Neon” in Lambraki Street, premium cuts stand out, while the proposals evolve over the years, following the needs of the time. It is, after all, one of the oldest gastronomic spots in Thessaloniki and this is due, if nothing else, to the continuous development of the three restaurants.

A different restaurant, for every type of meal

In each of the “Neon” restaurants, the menu options and style differ. In the Anatolikis Thrakis Street restaurant you will find proposals more suitable for a cafe-tavern, more “traditional food”. Among the dishes, the beef kontosouvli, the grilled feta cheese, the Sfacian pita, the tope saganaki and the steamed mussels stand out.

In Diogenous Street you will find excellent appetizers of all kinds, with meatballs, lamb ribs, buffalo soutzoukaki and local cheeses such as cephalograviera standing out, as well as excellent saganaki mussels, shrimp pasta, barley, fava beans, handmade white tarama, grilled eggplant and a cellar with several labels of Greek vineyards, tsipouro and more.

In Lambraki Street, you will finally find a premium restaurant, with proposals for fresh fish and dishes such as shrimp barley, salad with zucchini pappardelle, sour cream and cherry tomatoes, fresh fish carpaccio, beetroot tartare, fava beans and sarmadakia and a wide list of foreign wine labels, in a restaurant that, like the other two, is an excellent value for money option for every meal.

In addition to the above, there are also the street food options, such as the black angus burger.

Sweet suggestions

In any case, don’t skip the desserts. Armenonville with caramelized almond fillet, white chocolate millefeuille, pavlova with red fruit sauce, cheesecake with lemon sauce, come to close your meal in the most delicious way.

Wherever you go, you can choose to sit inside or outside. In any case, in addition to the food, the place will also win you over, since the aesthetics of “Neon” is unique and particularly tasteful.