“Vregmeni Gata”, at 4 Apollonos Street in the area of ​​Kato Toumpa, opened in 2016, offering Mediterranean and Greek cuisine and is today one of the most talked about and quality restaurants in the city, offering for years, an affordable luxury for everyone .

Proposals in meat, fish and seafood make up its menu and are offered in a neat and pleasant environment, which in itself highlights them in the best way.

Whether it is a simple meal or a more formal one, you will find here an ideal place to enjoy really interesting and unique flavors.

Making the ” Vregmeni Gata” an accessible luxury was the philosophy of its founders from the beginning. In a space where everyone will be able to try the excellent proposals on the menu – be it delicious meats, cuts of all kinds or seafood options.

Greek and Mediterranean cuisine are mixed in the restaurant’s kitchen and the experience of each guest takes place in a pleasant and beautifully designed environment, which easily makes you want to visit again and again.

The kitchen is open, giving the possibility to watch all the culinary processes taking place inside it, from several of the store’s comfortable tables.

All menu categories

One of the most sophisticated dishes we found on the menu is the veal Carpaccio, combined with parmesan cream with truffle, dijon mustard, caramelized hazelnut and arugula leaves, marinated in calamansi vinegar. Top taste and quality, leave an aftertaste that is hard to forget.

We recommend the mushroom risotto with black truffle cream and parmesan and for a more special Greek taste, the… “deconstructed moussaka”, with potato gnocchi and fluffy béchamel.

Among the seafood, the tartares, the grilled squid, and the fried shrimp with jalapeno pepper sauce definitely stand out. In this dish, the crispy texture of the shrimp, combined with the spicy sauce, create a taste experience that intrigues the taste and not only!

For appetizers we recommend the handmade tomato meatballs, dolmadakia and zucchini blossoms while they are still in season and the smoked eggplant with Florinis pepper, garlic confit puree, feta cheese and small pies with active carbon, to taste something truly unique.

From the salads, we definitely recommend the grilled beetroots together with a slice of hummus and citrus soup, which are a real explosion of flavor and a special combination of aromas and colors on the table and of course the ” Vregmeni Gata” salad with mixed small marinated leaves, with mustard dressing and honey with mustard seeds, roasted nuts, asparagus and shrimps.

In the cellar, wine labels from Greek vineyards come to “bind” harmoniously with the suggestions on the menu and give the possibility for very good pairings, with flavors that coordinate perfectly.

Also try the beers and spirits and end your meal with one of its delicious sweets, such as armenoville or chocolate mosaic.

At ” Vregmeni Gata” you will not only experience affordable luxury, but also the ultimate culinary experience in one of the nicest places for your outings in the city!