A fairy tale taken from our childhood dreams, a magical space, with wonderful colors, bursting with imagination and creativity, flooded with flavors and aromas, is the WonderLounge which has already succeeded in being the absolute talk of the town.

You will find it on the 1st floor of the department store Hondos Center Apollonia Politia, and the approach is through its central entrances. If you don’t choose to visit it during non-business hours, then you will discover its entrance on the side of the building and under the unique WonderLounge banners!

The ultimate instagrammable spot

If you love instagram and impressive photos, at WonderLounge you will find – without any exaggeration – an… instagrammable paradise. Countless colors, tasteful decoration, themed scenery, fantastic lounges and a multitude of fancy drinks and tasty dishes. Everything at your disposal to capture in your photos beautiful moments with friends, as well as selfies.

Five different Lounge Areas

At WonderLounge you will find five different lounges, each with its own concept and aesthetic, but with one common denominator – the magnificent sea view.

“In vintage we trust” is addressed to lovers of classic design, with more vintage lines and all-time classic shades, offering a journey through time!

“Black and white addiction” is a two-dimensional living room in black and white shades, which refers to an “illusion” room and will make you feel like you are in the wonderland.

“Mommy’s corner”, which surrounds the highly renovated and multicolored playground, is one of the most chic and cozy spaces you’ve seen, with lilac seats and matte gold details.

In “Velvet love” you will admire its velvety seats reminiscent of candy, with burgundy shades dominating and pink details giving a strong pop air to the atmosphere.

Finally, in “A touch of boho” you will admire the boho lamps and enjoy the color dominance of green, which makes you feel like you are in nature’s “living room”!

Also ideal for… Lilliputian visitors

WonderLounge has a particular soft spot for Lilliputian visitors, which is why it has created for them a highly interactive, safe, European-standard playground where parents can let their little ones play and have fun while they enjoy shopping, their coffee or meal. It is worth mentioning that the entrance is free and the area is guarded, while there is staff who play with the children and supervise them.

Of course, it is also a great choice for parties, children’s and not-children’s, so don’t hesitate to make your reservation and entrust the entire organization, from the decoration, to the cake of your dreams or your child’s, to the wonderful team of this magical place.

A magical dining experience

During your visit to the WonderLounge, don’t forget to visit the Waffle Bar. Instagrammable waffles, milkshakes, a unique espresso blend for coffee lovers, fresh ice creams in unique flavors with an awesome appearance, stroopwafel plain or with marshmallows, cookies, smarties and many other flavors.

WonderLounge’s Greek cuisine bar whets your appetite as there are plenty of options in homemade snacks, salads and cooked meals.

If you are a die-hard pizza lover and want a variety of flavors and at the same time the smoothest dough with the best quality, then Pizza Dot’s open bar will delight you both with its incredible flavors and with the process of preparing your pizza, which you can see unfold before your eyes!

The Wonder Lounge is a complete sensory experience, with you as the only protagonist! A trip to the fairy tale, with colors, tastes and smells that will be unforgettable…