For the Zoniou family, perfume is their life and at the same time, a precious family tradition that has been going on for 45 years.

Their history in the field of perfume begins in 1977, when Doxakis Zonios, with years of experience in the perfume industry, created his own company called Zirve Nova.

With an inexhaustible love for the subject and with his only weapon his hard work, he managed to establish his company in the market by associating the name Zoniou with knowledge and expertise in the field.

«The perfume has to be experienced»

The baton was taken up by his daughter, Niki Zoniou, who was raised in perfumery laboratories and had been nurtured from an early age in the magic of perfume and its power on humans. She herself, with studies in Chemistry and Perfumery, was to be the one to develop the original vision, bringing the concept of experience to the perfume creation process.

At the same time, she added notes of innovation to the company, setting as her goal that each of her customers to become a creator and be able to compose their own perfume, thus capturing memories, desires and feelings. “You have to experience the perfume”, as she says characteristically.

In 2008, Niki Zoniou saw her dream come true, when she created the first Zoniou store in the center of Thessaloniki, from the now new company, A. Zoniou – K. Bekris G.P. . A modern store, accessible to everyone, full of choice and creation.

A few years later the second store was added, also in the city center at 17 Metropolitou Iosif str., completing the creative team and the inexhaustible passion of Niki Zoniou.

The perfect perfume is the one that is truly yours

Your experience in both Zoniou stores could well be likened to a magical journey into the world of perfume. In its well-kept spaces, you can choose from a wide variety of fragrances this or those that suit you best.

Create your own custom-made perfume

At the same time, in Zoniou stores you can live an experience that you will talk about for a long time – the art of creating a perfume.

As Ms. Zoniou … confided to us, “the first step to making a perfume is to choose the feeling you want to describe. It can be a memory, a feeling, a person you just met or a piece of music. When a scent takes over the space, you can’t ignore it because something magical happens – it’s like it has a soul of its own. It is required to tell its story.”

With the help of the expert perfumery staff, you can compose your own custom-made perfume in three steps: first choose the perfume base and add the notes you want, then see your perfume mixed in that moment and finally , name it and see the name printed on the label. A fantastic idea for you who want your perfume to be like no other and of course, a wonderful gift that… has a lot to say!

For any perfume you choose, you are given the opportunity to “wear” it in all ways – in shower gel, body mist, hair mist, body lotion, etc.

It smells like home

In Zoniou stores you will also find sensational room fragrances and essential oils, with which you can “dress up” your home or your office, thus contributing to the creation of an atmosphere of well-being, beauty and coziness.

From the words, her aura and especially the flame in the eyes of Niki Zoniou, you can feel her love for her object, while observing her in front of dozens of bottles of seductive perfumes, you realize that this woman does not simply compose perfumes, but creates emotions. It’s her way of generously offering us her art, so that we don’t just buy a perfume, but live it!