Macedonia Airport Thessaloniki’s
International Airport “Macedonia” is the 2nd largest in Greece and serves more than 3.5 million passengers per year. It is 14 kilometers from city’s center, where you can go by taxi, OASTH bus (Thessaloniki Urban Transport Organization) and car. You need about half an hour, to reach there, by taxi
and the journey costs an average of 20 euros, depending on the starting point or your destination.

The currency that is used is euro, the common European currency.

Post office
By the name ELTA (Hellenic Post), the post office is open daily, in Vasileos Irakliou Street, near Aristotelous Square.

You can check your mail or have any communication through internet in most café and restaurants of the
city and other areas like Aristotelous Square, the White Tower, the Archaeological Museum, the City Hall, the beach theme parks.

There are a lot of bank branches and
ATM all over the city.

Water supply
City’s water is drinkable and isn’t necessary for you to obtain bottled.

OASTH Transport (Thessaloniki Urban Transport Organization)
There are 90 bus lines that are operating in the city, with route cost at 1,50€ for an itinary of 90 minutes. More information at

Thessaloniki’s Railway Station is located at Monastiriou Street, with daily –in and out of Greece- travelling timetables. More information at

Taxis have blue color and go every- where in the city. With your nod they stop, if they can serve you, otherwise proceed to the nearest rank or call Radio Taxi.

Tourist information Macedonia International Airport Aristotelous Square

• Festivals and exhibitions that take place in Thessaloniki
*Thessaloniki’s International Trade Fair,
*Thessaloniki International Film Festival,
*Thessaloniki Documentary Festival,
*International Dance Festival,
*Thessaloni Bookfair,
*Thessaloniki Biennale of Contemporary Art,
*Open Theatre Festival,
*Thessaloniki Antiracist Festival,
*World Naked Bike Ride,
*Constantinia, Bike Carnival,
*Photo Biennale,
*Thessaloniki Theatre Festival,
*Thessaloniki Pride Festival.


• Police : 100

• White Tower Police Department: 2310253340

• Thessaloniki tourist police: 2310554481, 2310554874,

• Traffic police: 2310250740, 2310251907

• Police Directorate: 2310388006-7, 2310388000, 2310388009,

• Centre for foreigners: 2310559957, 2310388145-6,

• First aid station: 166

• Emergency fire brigate: 166

• Duty and night stop pharmacies: 14944

• Duty and night stop hospitals and clinics: 14944

• KTEO and night stop gas stations: 14944

• Ship and airplanes schedules: 14944

• Weather forecast: 14944

• OSE (information about train schedule) : 1110,

• Court of the first instance: 2310529626, 2310511987,

• Police court: 2310530716, 2310554621, 2310520333,

• Country court: 2310507386, 2310519300, 2310507389, 2310536619,

• Helexpo – TIF: 2310291111

• Domstic & International Telegram Services: 136

• Consumers Line: 1520,

• Ministry – General Secretary – of Macedonia & Thrace: 2310379157, 2310379309

• Central Macedonia Region: 2313319693

• City Hall: 2310877777, 2310877099


• Aristotle University of Thessaloniki: 2310996000

• University of Macedonia: 2310891101


• Macedonia Airport: 2310985000, 2310473212, 2310473312, 2310985177, 2310985188,

• Thessaloniki Port Authority (OLTH): 2310593393, 6978896417, 2310593128,

• KTEL Station (Intercity Bus Station): 2310500111

• Organization of Urban Transportation of Thessaloniki (OASTH): 2310981100, 185,