Tsimiski Avenue: The Benchmark
Everything you need is there: A great variety of clothes and fashion accessories, technology, bookstores & cafes and delicacies! The biggest department stores, brands and small local stores are working on the city’s most famous street.
Street artists, painters and, of course, the famous local Koulouri, will make your life more colorful and definitely will make your stroll even more interesting.

Another department store of the city, “Plateia” is on the Avenue just before Aristotelous Square. It hosts many stores, a gym, cafes as well as “Odeon” cinemas offering moments of relaxation in the heart of Thessaloniki.
The avenue ends at Polytechniou Street, which gains new life during the evening, as the interest of the young is transferred there.

Mitropoleos Street, a street full of jewels
The most valuable street of the city, adorned by some of the most famous jewelry shops, close to fashion shops. Mitropoleos street begins at Eleftherias Square, a starting point of many local stories. It then crosses Aristotelous Square, leaves the Holy Cathedral on the right and continues until its extension to Ethnikis Aminis Street, with interesting alternative shops. Explore the vertical streets towards Tsimiski Str. and explore Aristotelous Square, to admire the architecture of the preserved buildings, among which “Olympion”, closely connected with the cultural and political history of the city. Olympion hosts the International Thessaloniki Film Festival and the café-bar “Room with a View” offering wonderful view all around the clock.

Mitropolitou Iosif Street: The Lavish
All fashion is concentrated here. Get in touch with the new trends, not only through window shopping but also from the passers-by. The street brings together world-renowned brands, creations of Greek designers, and especially design spots. Starting from Tsimiski and heading down to the sea, travel to the magical space of fashion near the famous brands Juicy Couture and Prince Oliver.
Proxenou Koromila Street: The Exclusive
The favorite street of fashion and jewelery fanatics, Proxenou Koromila tunes the city vibe from its little streets driving to the sea. It crosscuts the entire city from Morgenthau Street to Aristotelous Square and showcases the most elegant and urban elements of the city. Once at Aristotle Square, boutiques pass the floor to bars.
• Karolou Ntil, it’s the best deal
Karolou Ntil Street is your destination to have some fun outgoing moments. There, you are going to meet the most beautiful faces of the city in the minimal café, modern fast food, romantic teahouses, bustling modern cafes, bakeries, clothing stores & gaming stores.
Agias Sophias Street: Heads forward
The experiment was a successful one and led to the construction of more pedestrian areas. From Agias Sophias Square to Tsimiski, Agia Sophia Street has been pedestrianized and strengthened by the two vertical pedestrian alleys of Georgiou Stavrou and Agias Theodoras, decorated with dozens of colorful cafes and outdoor painting exhibitions. The road climbs up to the Old Town and is suitable for a cultural-centered walk. However, after Egnatia Street and heading to the waterfront, it is adorned by dozens of café-bars, international brands for clothing, footwear, optics, toys, confectioneries. Agias Sophias passes in front of two very important churches of the city: Wisdom of God and the Holy Cathedral of Thessaloniki.

Lassani Street: Coffee and Greek-French friendship
If you want to see and been seen, take Lassani Street from Mitropoelos to Proxenou Koromila.
Fairy tale- inspired cafés, such as Sugar Angel workshop & coffee and Circus 6, as well as little Parisian boutiques will catch your eye, competing some Greek talented designers and bridal brands. On Christmas and on other occasions, the pedestrian street hosts several cultural and commercial events and happenings for adults and children.
Pavlou Mela Street: The city’s diagonal street
The street, which in practice is the diagonal “rebel” in the city planning, crosses Tsimiski, passes through Diagonios and descends to the White Tower. It gathers traditional café-bars and restaurants, wine-bars, pastry shops, packed all times of the day. Arriving to the waterfront, on the left side of the street you will find Tsirogianni Square with the historic Dore (currently “Zithos”), once the meeting place of the city’s most vibrant spirits. On the side, at Ethnikis Aminis Street, you will the Aristoteleio theatre, hosting some of the most important plays of the city.
Iktinou Street: The School Street
And there is more: The School Street is a favorite hangout all the year round, along with Zefxidos alley, where one can find joyful cafes, restaurants and other little shops. Here are some of the oldest one-of-a-kind bars. Don’t miss to visit “Diatiriteo” playing always some great music during the weekdays. However, no matter the time you pass from here, it is full of life. During the day, parents are walking with their children, in the evening by young people looking for fun in the heart of the city. In the elections, Iktinou brings all the candidates to the so-called … wells.
Ladadika: A Landmark of the city’s night life
One of the most historical sites of the city, planned exclusively for pedestrians and characterized as a historical place by the Greek Ministry of Culture. The current structure of the areas does not remind the previously infamous neighborhood, full of brothels, named after the oil trade which was taking place during the early 20th century. 

Between I. Dragoumi, Salaminos and Kountourioti streets, the area is a favorite destination for locals and tourists. Colorful historical and neoclassical restored buildings with restaurants, tavernas, bars – the former Egyptian market – offer fun, drinks and food, in the hottest area.

• Valaoritou Street: Talk of the town
A must: Valaoritou, Syggrou, Vilara, some of the streets which used to be the local commercial center, have now been changed, decorated, restored and are the new boast of the city’s entertainment, as well as a growing settlement for residential and commercial accommodation. Numerous bars, clubs, beer houses are housed in preserved and neoclassical buildings, street art embellish the shop rolls, while the area is full of jazz, rock, pop and electronic music in locations full of vibe, style and special decorations such as the “Black Sheep”, “Piccadilly”, “Coq au Jen”, “The Real Rock-n-rolla” and “La Doze”.
Modiano Market: Waiting Mode
Its recent privatization holds a very promising future. From the most picturesque parts of the city, the closed, covered market in the center, located between Aristotelous, Ermou, Komninon and Vasileos Herakliou streets, is full of life, sounds and smells, around the clock. The flavors of the local delicacies will keep you “trapped” here.
Kapani Market: Do it like in Constantinople
Thessaloniki has nothing to be jealous of Istanbul’s open-air markets, showcasing Kapani or Vlali, the traditional market of Thessaloniki. In the heart of the city, between Egnatia, Aristotelous, Ermou and Venizelou streets, you can find anything you need from spices, herbs and traditional foods, vegetables, household goods, footwear, clothing garments etc. In the small shops, stuck onto each other, the locals are packed for their shopping. Traditional sellers seduce the customer in their own way.

Egnatia Street: Always Alive
The main road axis of the city and, for many, the most beautiful street hosting plenty of wonderful neoclassical buildings and the most beautiful Christmas ornaments.
With 2 millennia of beauty, Egnatia, an important work of the Romans, crossing Thessaloniki, was connected the Adriatic Sea with Constantinople, boosting thus the economic and cultural movements of the time. On the way from Democracy Square to the University of Macedonia, the visitor comes across commercial stores, public buildings, hotels, important churches, fast food stores and pastry shops, to be driven to the famous arch of Galerius, “Kamara”, and to the fountain at the square next to the entrance of TIF-HELEXPO.
Nea Krini: A romantic thrill
An all-time classic family destination on Sundays, and not only, all year round, for those cannot live without a sea view. Here, you will find the most famous fish taverns offering delicious food, café-bars for well-prepared espresso or cappuccino. Visit the Aretsou marina, as well as the Palataki, or “Kiverneio”, a neoclassical building built in 1955.