On the most beautiful avenue of the city, that of Nikis Avenue where, as its slogan says, “you feel the pulse of the city”, right in front of the sea, with modern decoration, with quality coffee, with a long list of wine labels and with great cocktails, you will find Boulevard 23.

There, on the most famous, crowded, photographed, painted road in the center of the city, where you will meet every friend and acquaintance.

A stylish bar a few steps from the sea, which you can see wherever you sit in its place, while the people are of all ages, couples, cocktail lovers, patrons and a setting that puts you directly in the atmosphere.

A sophisticated space with a unique design that truly is magical when the sun goes down – and is one of our most favorite spots.

Coffee with a view and refreshing cocktails perfect for… photos

Beers, drinks, cocktails and accompanying dishes make the evenings satisfying and full of flavors, while the drinks and coffees give the boost we need in our days.

Among its strong points is its excellent quality coffee as well as its list of unique wines and cocktails that are perfect for photos – a few images are enough to understand what we are talking about.

What will you prefer? A classic Daquiri or a fine Denise cocktail? Or perhaps a champagne cocktail along with a cheese and charcuterie platter?

In a coffee bar where everything maintains a modern timelessness, the details in the decoration are reminiscent of a movie set with the large wooden blinds on the window and the brick wall – people come in and out, orders are prepared quickly, people have taken their place around the bar, and the music accompanies the groups to their coffees and drinks all day long.

It’s definitely the perfect place for the day’s first date with an espresso, while you can then enjoy your wine or a lunch break, or end up here with your friends for a drink – or two.

Boulevard 23 is the favorite meeting point of Thessaloniki and beyond – and the reasons are now… obvious!