There is a place in Thessaloniki, thanks to which brunch has acquired a completely new dimension, concept and perspective and this is none other than “Brunchsin”, which opened in May 2021, at number 26 of Palaion Patron Germanou.

Here the concept of brunch is identified with sin and within this concept the egg comes to acquire its own space, where it dominates almost all dishes in every version and recipe from every corner of the world.

If nothing else, it proves that a healthy breakfast can support you for many hours of the day and can be your main meal, full of nutrients and the energy you need.

At “Brunchsin”, you will find one of the most entertaining menus in Thessaloniki, which has been inspired by the former “Master Chef” Chef, Tzortzis Papanikolaou, responsible for both the kitchen and the service.

The philosophy of «Brunchsin»

The store’s philosophy was, from the beginning, to specialize in breakfast and everything related to … eggs and came to fill an objective gap in the city’s market, since nowhere else will one find as many recipes and original proposals as here.

The owners’ family, influenced by Montreal, Canada, where brunch has been established for 20 years, tries to bring the same philosophy here, from 9 am to 6 pm, the philosophy in which breakfast and not lunch, it is the main meal of the day. And it succeeds, since their main product is and will always be, particularly popular with the eating habits here.

Based on free-range eggs, from selected Greek farms, the creators of “Brunchsin” offer us complete meals, with recipes that are all accompanied, by potatoes and salad and that you can try in a pleasant place, as a complete meal, which will keep you going for hours and which you can have for breakfast, lunch or afternoon, along with your coffee or a cool cocktail, depending on the time of day.

And no matter how much the brunch here becomes… sin, it is a really good option, for comfort food and not only that!

What do we eat?

Eggs. With salad, homemade potatoes and warm bread, in the form of … “Egglish Breakfast” with beans, sausage or bacon or pork shoulder or Benedict, such as “Eggsotic” on a handmade English muffin with guacamole, Cretan graviera, chives and smoked paprika and of course Croque Madame.

Omelettes like the ‘Uneggspected’ – wrapped in a crepe with bechamel cheese, pork shoulder and Cretan graviera – or the ‘New Eggsperience’ – wrapped in the same way, but with spinach – or the Norwegian salmon omelette.

One of the top suggestions on the menu is the “Waka Maka Mole Chicken”. Breaded chicken served on a pancake with guacamole, strained yogurt, sweet and sour sauce and grated carrot, really fills you up.

At “Brunchsin” you will also find delicious, juicy “eggsecutive burgers”, with minced young beef and selected ingredients, bagels and club sandwiches, sweet and savory pancakes, cool salads and more fruity flavors, such as the seasonal fruit salad. There are also vegan options, such as the handmade vegetable burger, which is sold here under the name “Vegeat”.

The recipes follow the course of the seasons, so from now on the most… winter proposals will appear, with seasonal products that will give a fresh and even more delicious twist to their already innovative dishes.

All hours

We strongly recommend that you don’t miss the opportunity to try the suggestions of “Brunchsin” even once. Even if you want to work or study, here you will find a pleasant and friendly environment, to spend your hours with your computer, enjoying one of the most energizing meals, before, during or after.

Brunch may be considered a predominantly English phenomenon, but here, married to Greek gastronomy, it literally takes off! For the folks at Brunchsin, brunch is more than just food. It is a way of life, fun and contact, a holistic gastronomic experience, to which all the senses contribute. After all, they say it themselves: “Taste the Sin, Just Brunch(sin)”.