The company “Dimitriadis Jewelry – Watches” has been active in the glamorous world of jewelry for 81 years, having managed to become one of the “landmarks” of its area, in the city of Thessaloniki.

Its story begins with the love of Panagiotis Dimitriadis for jewelry and his desire to create a high aesthetic jewelry store, in our distant 1941 in the heart of the city of Serres.

However, in the 1960s he decided to take his own big risk in life and move the store to Thessaloniki.

As history has shown, he did absolutely right, as his risk resulted in the creation of a jewelry store that would be the talk of all in Thessaloniki – and not only – making it one of the top places to buy jewelry for the most important moments of our lives.

Jewels unique, special and meticulous down to the smallest detail…

Over the years, his son Ioannis took over the reins and he managed to develop the business into a modern jewelry store, full of inspiration and innovation. With new trends making their appearance, but also the classic jewelry as an immovable constant, the Dimitriadis jewelry store, has not changed its quality during the time – on the contrary, it has grown over the years, acquiring fanatical customers and, at the same time, sincere fans of his creations.

Now the business has passed to the grandson of Mr. Panagiotis Dimitriadis and his namesake. He, in addition to the name, took from his grandfather his undying love for this shiny object.

Panagiotis Dimitriadis junior, is now guided by the excellent quality of the store’s jewelry and watches, with the experience and support of his father by his side, as a “compass” for the future, which looks bright for the jewelry store “Dimitriadis”, through creations full of imagination, innovation and abundant creativity.

Jewelry and watch collections

At Dimitriadis jewelry store you will find collections of jewelry and watches as well as other accessories and gift items.

At the same time, the store undertakes repairs and comprehensive service of watches and jewelry, constructions and special orders.

Also, you will find more than 1,000 designs in wedding rings, from 7 branded companies, as well as the special brand “Dimitriadis”.

It is worth noting that all goods are accompanied by guarantees, seals and certifications for the precious stones, if they are contained in them.

An award-winning jewelry store

In addition to our deep appreciation and respect for its creations, Dimitriadis Jewelry has won a number of awards for his exceptional work. The most important of these is the “Eagles of Trade” award that won in 2021, while in the same year he was ranked in the TOP 100 of Greek jewelry stores.