“Dizzy Dolls” is one of the nicest places of its category in Ladadika and is also the oldest. And when we say “category”, we mean that of rock evening entertainment, which is largely based on the area’s Aigyptou Street, and concerns the whole city and the lovers of every category of the rock spectrum. From old classic rock to all modern sounds and bands.

“Dizzy Dolls” began, in March 1995, as a jazz venue – hence the name that has followed it all these years. It opened at a time when “Greek” music was dominant and brought rock to Aigyptou Street, with more classic rock sounds.

It spent the 90s by following the trend of the time in more British rock choices, and from 2000 onwards it changed his rhythms with a lot of metal and today hosts all types of rock, old and modern sounds, covering every taste, continuing the jazz selections, which make it timeless.

The quality, both of the musical selections of “Dizzy Dolls”, as well as the products it offers and of course the artists it has hosted live, remains unchanged all these years.

Names such as the drummer Marky Ramone and the guitarist of “Guns ‘n Roses” Tommy Stinson have passed through its stage, while the bar itself has participated in numerous events in the city, but also as a setting in classic films of the Greek cinema, such as “Everything is a Road”, by Pantelis Voulgaris.

Hanging out at ‘Dizzy’s’ rock bar

In the bar of “Dizzy Dolls” we drink cold draft beers, bottled proposals from a variety of breweries, wines and fine drinks, but also premium options and cool cocktails, in a place that is currently making a “turn” to the past, in terms of its style.

Always, in “Dizzy Dolls”, each change comes slowly and unexpectedly, so the shop “transforms” gradually, without losing its original character.

Today, we will find many items from its original decoration, from the 2000s, when it first opened – which many old and regular patrons will surely recognize – but also everything else that characterizes the store through time: wooden surfaces and decoration, vintage tiles on the floor, leather stools at the bar and from there on, the best and most elevated rock mood, diffused in the place. Either in the lower area, where all regular customers meet every day, or in the upper one, which remains a “nursery” of rock, for customers of all ages, from 20 to 60 years old!

Tip: “Dizzy Dolls” remains open daily, from 17.00 until.