The “ Domaine Florian” is a family boutique winery, located in Trilofos, Thessaloniki and owned by the Schneider family. It stands out for its long family tradition in viticulture and it is dedicated to high quality and ecologically sustainable wine production, specializing in aged white wines. It is an open, visitable and very special space, where every Friday and Saturday we can visit the bar and taste the family’s wines, while it often holds tasting days or evenings, wine pairings with other products and other activities, which make every visit truly unique!

The owners of Domaine Florian, third generation winemakers from Germany, fascinated by the potential of the Greek vineyard, chose to settle in Trilofos at the beginning of 2003, having already lived in various regions abroad and concluding that Greece, which they have visited many times in their Citroen 2CVs – which we will see on the premises – and especially this particular area, where the airport is only a breath away, was the ideal place for them to settle and build their business.

From 2009 and after they started to exploit vineyards in the area of ​​Epanomi, on the slightly elevated hills of the Thermaikos peninsula, an area with sandy clay soils, constantly blowing winds and an excellent microclimate, provides ideal conditions for the cultivation of authentic wine varieties and since then, the quantities of wine began to increase steadily.

In 2011 they decided to expand the vineyards and produce professionally. After a lot of personal work, the business was finally licensed in 2012 and they began the construction on the new winery. In 2012, the first official label of the Estate came out and the first international awards in competitions were a fact. Many more followed in the following  years. In 2013 the estates in Trilofos Naousis, also owned by the family, were certified as organic.

The production

From 2019, ” Domaine Florian” is officially a visitable winery, licensed by the EOT. Now at the helm together with his father,  is Florian Schneider, Oenologist. Both of them initially started working with wine production more as a hobby, while for the first one followed his studies in Vienna, until he took over the family Winery which, with a total number of five staff members, is essentially a Boutique Winery, with a production of very exclusive wines and specializing in aged whites and Syrah.

With varieties such as Malagouzia, Assyrtiko, Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Malvasia, and Agiorgitiko for the red wines and Syrah from the region of Naoussa and Veria, the production of “Florian Estate” is constantly flourishing. As aged labels, the Estate’s wines require a lot of aging time and as part of the company’s philosophy, the wine is left, in the Estate’s underground cellar, to “work” and mature on its own, without pressure to go on the market, until itself be ready for sale and with the natural aromas preserved to the fullest, without any additions. It is no coincidence that the family’s Syrah is matured for two years in casks and another three in bottle before being released, with the freshest Syrah currently being produced in 2015 and the freshest white wine produced in 2020.

The aromas are rich. Depending on the wine, we will taste plums, notes of chocolate, tobacco or coffee – especially in Syrah – but also vanilla, ripe pineapple and balsamic, in varieties such as Sauvignon Blanc. The distinctions and awards, also many, among them the “Gold Medal” that the Estate won for Syrah 2015 and Sauvignon Blanc Fume 2019, at the Berlin competition, one of the most important internationally.

Tastings at the bar and more

The products of the ” Domaine Florian” can be tried every Friday and Saturday evening, from 18.00 to 24.00, at the bar that operates on the premises, it is open to everyone and welcomes many people, from the surrounding area and Thessaloniki.

Along with its fine labels, accompanying dishes are also offered, such as platters with cheeses or charcuterie and savory homemade tarts with the piece, such as quiche Lorraine or creations with seasonal vegetables, which go perfectly with every suggestion on the wine list.

The tastings continue beyond the above two days, through the organization of special evenings with pairings of the Estate’s wines with other products, such as selected cheeses or chocolates, through the summer cinema that the Estate offers every summer, through the special event “Wine and Stars” – stargazing accompanied by an astronomer, along with label tasting – but also through the Estate’s participation in “Vorina”, the events of the Wine Makers of North Grece of which is member of.

A unique tasting experience

The farm also produces fine olive oils, honey and Greek herbs such as oregano, lavender and thyme. Florian Schneider, building on and developing the family tradition, shares with us his knowledge of wine by composing a wine-tasting experience open to all in the tranquility and the wonderful view offered by the location of the family’s Estate! And we recommend it, as a truly unique destination, from where we will definitely leave full, in every way.

Tip 1: Possibly,  with exception the summer months,  when the point is also a pass, any visit to the ” Domaine Florian” should be made with a reservation.

Tip 2: Apart from on site at the bar, the wines of ” Domaine Florian” can be found in selected cellars in Thessaloniki, in restaurants in the city and in some countries abroad, as well as through “” and “AllGreekWine. com».

Tip 3: The space is suitable for organizing small-scale events.