Estia bakeries are without a doubt one of the most successful businesses in their industry, with a long history and continuous successes and innovations.

Estia (or Hestia) was in Greek mythology the goddess of domestic life and family. Concepts closely intertwined with warmth, care and love – concepts that are fundamental to the vision of the Papachristos family.

A story of love and dedication to the profession

Usually, behind a great success in business hides a story of essential love for the object – something that Estia amply confirms.

Estia’s journey begins in 1961 in a small bakery in the area of ​​Finikas in Kalamaria. The baker and owner of the shop was Alkiviadis Papachristos, a young man at the time full of dreams and with an innate appeal to the subject of pastry-making.

His pure love for the profession was inevitably passed on to his son, Georgios Papachristos, who grew up in the bakery production workshop, learning the art of bread from a very young age.

Guided by his passion, George Papachristos was about to grow the business, the reins of which he received from his father in 1982, with hard work as the cornerstone of this effort.

He himself ardently desired to acquire more and more of the know-how of the profession, which is why he constantly made educational trips to Europe and abroad, to specialized research centers, thus learning all the latest developments in the manufacture of bread and pastries.

His “fight” has continued uninterrupted for more than 40 years – years full of hard work and dedication to his passion, never for a moment compromising the quality of his products for the sake of ephemeral convenience. Thus, he managed to lay absolutely solid foundations in a business that was destined to be one of the most admired in the field of pastry in the future.

Estia in the new century until today

Shortly before the dawn of the new century, in 1998, the second Estia store was opened in the Kifisia area, a move that marked the transition to a new era for the business.

2004 is a pivotal time for Estia, as the third store is created on Papanastasiou Street and at the same time, it innovates by including, for the first time in Thessaloniki, Italian ice cream inside a bakery.

Today Estia has 21 stores in Thessaloniki, which adorn the city with their minimal industrial aesthetics and their European air.

At the same time, it employs more than 350 workers both in its stores and in its two modern production units in Thermi.

Products closely related to our lives and moments

Estia bakeries are our first choice for the products we will trust to put on our family table, for the products we will offer to our children and our loved ones.

Unique handmade Italian ice cream, special and high-quality breads, such as sourdough bread with basil, cakes, individual sweets, syrup-soaked sweets – these are just a few of the products of Estia that are never missing from our home. They are flavors closely connected to our very lives.

From the delicious Greek sweet breads, the vasilopita (special cake for January 1st) and the lagana (Greek flatbread traditionally baked for Clean Monday, the first day of the Great Lent) for the respective festive occasions, to the everyday bread, the everyday coffee, our breakfast at the office and the tasty options of home cooking, Estia is an absolute one-way street.

It is a one-way street, because its quality remains to this day non-negotiable, because all the products are handmade, because in every store there is a qualified baker and pastry chef, in addition to its highly trained team. It is a one-way street because the pure love of Mr. Georgios Papachristos has also been passed on to his children, Alkiviadis and Christos, who have now taken over and have set themselves the goal of developing this business even more and not resting on their laurels for a minute.

A bright future

Estia has its foundations in the past, but it only looks to the future. A future that looks bright if you think about its immediate planning for the export of its products abroad under the brand name as well as its development in the HO.RE.CA sector. in Attica and southern Greece, as well as the continuous upgrading of the company’s two production units.

“Rebranding” and strategic partnerships in the foreground

Estia stores are constantly renewed, with rebranding now being an integral part of the business policy. The store in Pefka, Thessaloniki, which opened its doors on October 23rd, 2021, was an excellent first “writing sample”.

In December 2021, the store at the Hortiatis intersection followed the same philosophy, and shortly before Easter 2022, the one in Pylaia, opposite the town hall.

At the same time, in the upward trajectory of Estia, its strategic and extremely selective partnerships with the strongest “players” of the business chessboard play a key role.

As far as products and raw materials are concerned, the selection is extremely strict and the conditions demanding. That is why, after all, there is an even final result, in full relation to the excellent expertise of the company’s bakers and pastry chefs.

There is no exaggeration in that Estia pastry shops never disappoint you. Choosing something new each time from its neat shopfronts, you know that it will surely be another unique dining experience. And the employees who welcome you always suggest the appropriate accompanying option to take off this experience… A success story from every aspect, which has its foundations in sincere respect for the customer.