“Halaro” is the rooster’s comb in an old Greek dialect and that’s where the historical restaurant of Themistokles Sofouli, in eastern Thessaloniki, got its name.

Having opened in 1992 specializing in chicken and with the second store opening its doors in 1996 in the same area, it has now evolved on all levels – in its cuisine, in its design and in its service – having already placed itself in the consciousness of the world among the best and most beautiful restaurants in the city, consistently continuing to provide excellent quality flavors, which have now been extended to other categories and which you can enjoy every day, with a unique view of the sea, at all hours of the day.

We all know “Halaro”. For decades now, it has hosted at his tables from families to famous guests of the city, always with the best reviews, since from your table, you will leave not just satisfied, but excited.

The variety of the menu

When “Halaro” first opened, it specialized almost exclusively in chicken-based dishes. Today the menu has been expanded and you can choose from a variety of excellent dishes, prime cuts, seafood flavors and dishes of the day, which are constantly changing, always based on traditional Greek cuisine, with touches of the Mediterranean.

In the menu you will find from breaded chicken breast, stuffed with Cretan graviera and accompanied by carrot puree, fresh curry pappardelle with chicken fillets or chilly chicken, to veal with tagliatelle and veal fillet or black angus burger, all so juicy, that they will be unforgettable as flavors.

You will find mainly suggestions on the grill, but also a wide variety of side dishes and salads, to enrich your every meal, with ingredients that always follow the seasons and alternate accordingly, such as the special summer dishes, which have been included these days.

Greek flavors, seasonal ingredients

A wide list of all the classic appetizers of Greek cuisine, such as stuffed aubergine, zucchini meatballs or grilled vegetables, but also all the fine Greek cheeses, such as talagani from Messinia, manouri from Greve with sesame and honey or halloumi from Cyprus and the favorite Greek sauces, such as tzatziki made here with Samarina yogurt or the cheese salad, with Verdikousa cheese, will complete the puzzle of flavors on your table.

So are the cool, fresh salads, always with seasonal vegetables, which include almost everything, in a combination of flavors, such as the Shepherd’s salad, with lettuce, tomato, cucumber, ham, Greek caseri, boiled chicken, egg and mayonnaise dressing.

At “Halaro” you will also find plenty of pasta options with combinations of chicken, vegetables or seafood.

What can I drink?

From coffee of your choice, juices and anything refreshing you want during the day, to all Greek drinks, such as ouzo, tsipouro or beers.

The cellar includes many suggestions of wines from Greek vineyards, which will go perfectly with your every meal, in a space where sophistication meets simplicity and which suits, literally, every category of visitor.

Especially on summer evenings, at “Halaro” you can also enjoy the excellent cocktails from the catalog, on the open balcony of the restaurant, overlooking the sea of ​​Thermaikos.

 We recommend it to you, unreservedly. Besides, such a combination of service, quality of meals and view, you will rarely find in Thessaloniki!