If there is a streetfood brand in Thessaloniki that really stands out from all the rest, it is “Ladi & Rigani”, with its shops at the intersection of Aristotelous and Ermou streets, Stratigou Kallari street and Mediterranean Cosmos.

What “Ladi & Rigani” offers is based on one and only philosophy: the focus on pure ingredients, olive oil from Olympia and oregano from the mountain, which give the menu suggestions a truly unique taste, which in no way goes unnoticed.

It is a street food with Greek flavors that first opened in 2011 in Westfield Stratford, England, in the Olympic village, to make its impressive first appearance, with great success.

Mediterranean cuisine and all the favorite Greek street food flavors given differently are the basis of the “Ladi & Rigani” menu.

The goal is aromas, fresh ingredients and good quality, with flavors you have never tried before, such as the handmade corn pie without oil, one of the fixed values ​​of the menu, which gives a completely different twist to everything you choose.

Try it with their handmade souvlaki, the product for which they really stand out, the authentic gyros of Thessaloniki, the pancetta or the burger, and for options without meat, with mushroom souvlaki, grilled vegetables, pumpkin meatballs or Cypriot halloumi.

Among the all-time classic flavors at ” Ladi & Rigani” is still their oregano pie, the tortilla, in which you can enjoy any meat or other filling of your choice, such as the pork gyros or the giaourtlou chicken gyros, the kebab and of course all the vegan or vegetarian options.

Gyros burger: a must-try dish

What should you definitely try at “Ladi & Rigani”? The gyro burger, with pork gyros, tomato and tzatziki or in a similar version with chicken gyros, tomato and mustard-mayonnaise sauce, a combination you won’t find anywhere else in the city.

Delicious, well-cooked meat and other ingredients, inside two well-baked buns, will certainly constitute a complete and satisfying meal. Of course, you will also find burgers with beef and pork burgers, the classic option that is not missing from any street food spot and which here is really delicious.

Meatless options

All dishes are accompanied by fresh potatoes, fried or baked, which are worth trying even plain or with the particularly delicious suggestions of the menu, such as with the feta sauce that complements them perfectly or with paprika.

Mountain, wild oregano and olive oil prevail in every taste and for this reason the ” Ladi & Rigani” salads are also really tasty and filling.

The light or vegetarian options include the greendish, a green salad with freshly cut chicken gyros and the grilled eggplant with feta cheese, which pleasantly change the menu.

One thing is guaranteed at “Ladi & Rigani” and that is quality. From the raw materials, to the final product and every bite, that will really fill you up.