At 29B Ptolemaion Street, Thessaloniki’s gastronomy and especially meat lovers have, for about a year now, acquired their own special place, “Maestranza”. The team of “Evora Eatery” puts another stone in the culinary philosophy that in recent years it has brought to the city and its custom made cooking and kitchen, offer every day another way out in our culinary quests.

Without exaggeration, without trying to impress, but following the ideas of its people, this small, cozy, industrial aesthetic restaurant has come to bring us all a little closer, in an intimate and warm atmosphere, to enjoy fine meats, good cooking and products from their microfarm, which has been created in the restaurant’s attic, following the trend for self-production of ingredients, which already exists abroad.

The “Maestranza” team prepares everything for us, in open view. Thus, in direct contact with the whole preparation part, either at the bar, at the tables, or in the gallery outside, when the weather permits, we enjoy a table with fine meats, good cooking and microgreens, while learning about the wines of wine list. This is, in a few words, the essence of “Maestranza”, which is definitely here to stay!