Free to Be ME! Pandora invites us with a dynamic and playful mood to discover the new designs of the renewed Pandora ME collection.

The new Pandora ME collection is inspired by the mindset of an entire generation, Gen Z, and with renewed designs comes to shake up what we have known until now.

The “perfect imperfection” attitude is what captures and radiates the confidence and mindset of the collection. Inspired by music and all social media trends, this collection is here to help you go viral! Each piece of jewelry is also a unique expression of what you think, love and stand for. It is inspired by the generation that is not afraid to speak, express itself and declare its identity with pride.

The metallic tones, in 14K gold coating, introduced for the first time in the Pandora ME collection, come to enrich the already existing designs of the collection and illuminate every aspect of yourself. Therefore, be ready to shine at any time. After all, you never know when you’ll get the chance to experience the brightest moment of your life!

The linkchain bracelets and necklaces, made of solid silver and 14K gold plating, are the main character of the collection. Sharp designs with tasteful patterns that can be transformed at any time are here to create looks that impress and express your thoughts and desires.

Earrings and rings come to complete the style for the outfits characterized more by the mix and match philosophy.

The brand new mini dangles and medallions, inspired by aesthetic tattoos, artistic freedom and emojis, are the best choice for those who love to create their own statement. They express our identity, who we are, what we want to do and how to achieve it.

Pandora ME jewelry, solid silver 925, pink and yellow 14K gold coating, enamel, crystals and cubic zirconia.


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