There is a new wonderful place in the area of ​​Toumba, a place where you can literally relax, as if you are in the courtyard of your village, in a bright place and this is none other than “Rou. Leisure Gathering SKG”, which opened its doors in May 2022 on Praxagora Street.

The neighborhood itself inspires you and as soon as you arrive you understand that moments of peace and enjoyment await you, in a place that you will not find anywhere else in Thessaloniki.

One would expect that a new cafe-bar in the area of ​​Toumba, a breath away from the PAOK stadium, would rush to open on the main street of Lambraki, where people usually move and most of the shops in the area operate. And yet.

The creators of “Rou” chose a much quieter street, but directly connected to the history of the area, since the local Aqueduct used to be located there: Praxagora Street, a street a little below the main one, with olive trees and plenty of light, a neighborhood that has now changed in style.

“Rou”, is a destination in itself. A romantic entrance and a real stone-built courtyard of traditional style, where one of the old olive trees still dominates and many new ones that will soon give their shade – they are what you see when you enter – along with the comfortable table seats, which give you various options of points to enjoy your day.

On the other hand, “Rou” in Luxembourgish means peace, calm and quiet, and this is what the owners want everyone to experience in this place, ideal for an escapism within the city.

Drinks and cocktails with a… theme

The menu is wide, particularly large for a new place. It is a card based on the all day concept, which maintains a traditional authenticity. Every sentence and name will remind you of something from your childhood memories, from images and tastes that will make you feel familiar and you will want to go again.

From the most popular dishes, the french toast and the crispy pasta flora on the plates, proposals ideal for brunch – and not only – and their signature cocktails, such as “Courtyard Discussions”, “Grandmas Secret Recipe” or “Uncle is always right”, which you certainly haven’t tried elsewhere in Thessaloniki and which is what you need for a spritz, cocktail from 6 pm onwards, before night falls.

The dishes are dominated by fusion flavors, lots of eggs, as every good brunch menu should be, cool salads and suggestions for vegetarians, and in the desserts, the crunchy chocolate semifreddo brownies and the caramelized Greek sweet bread with banana cream, fresh forest fruits, roasted hazelnuts and ice cream, definitely stand out.

Of course, you will find several suggestions in finger food, such as pizza with handmade dough, pintxos, mac and cheese crepe with smoked pancetta and special suggestions for dinner, ranging from Greek organic beef fillet carpaccio, black angus beef burger with white mushroom and cream cheese , beef with eggplant skin puree or pork brisket, with roasted potatoes, shimeji mushroom and corn cream.

At “Rou”, you start your day with coffee or seasonal homemade lemonade and cold brew tea and gradually you can move on to cocktails with or without alcohol, a meal with fine wines and all the classic drinks in the evening, since you will find them here in wide variety.

Staff smiling and cheerful, welcomes you and makes you feel at home.

For us, it was love at first sight. We guarantee that it will be the same for you!