In the heart of Thessaloniki, you can enjoy your coffee or your drink on one of the most beautiful terraces in the city. On the roof of the Royal Theatre.

At cafe – bar Thea/tro, the amazing view they offer you is a unique experience. On one side, Lefkos Pyrgos, the YMCA park and on the other, the sea of Thermaikos, literally at your feet.

If you look down you will see groups and families sitting on the grass, children playing, friends having fun while if you look up, you will see the beauty of the city, that wonderful view that you will love – that view that encompasses the Lefkos Pyrgos, the theaters, the park of Xarchakos, the street lights, the sea.

For every season and every hour

When the weather permits, its terrace will relax you, but even on cold days the view from inside the cafe-bar takes your breath away.

It is available for coffee from the morning, while you can enjoy your wine or drink until late at night.

A place decorated in a European style, recently renovated, with the staff winning impressions with their courtesy and their knowledge of coffee and cocktails. His kitchen has set the bar high and leaves no customer unsatisfied, even the most demanding.

Brunch overlooking the most beautiful side of the city

If you are a brunch type, then together with your coffee you can try Thea/tro’s excellent pancakes, savory or sweet, while for those who want something to nibble on when they are in the city center, its excellent salads, omelettes, its burgers and plateaus will reward them for their choice.

Highly trained baristas, working only with excellent coffee raw materials, are at your disposal to offer a hot drink or an iced coffee according to your preferences – while the smoothies and milkshakes are original and delicious.

And the list of wines and beers is excellent, while the cocktails they make are really one better than the other. We singled out the awesome Daiquiri, Margarita MEXICO, and the delicious Caipirinha BRAZIL.

The space is suitable for receptions of all types, from weddings, christenings to business gatherings. The 200 sq.m. space, its high-quality services and the view it offers can take off any event.