The A.RADA brand is the creation of Angeliki Rada, from whom it took its name. It has been one of the leading brands in its category since 1986, having as its primary goal to offer a combination of excellent quality and inspiring design – a goal that has not only been achieved, but has remained unchanged for a full 32 years!

Realizing her stylistic pursuits, Angeliki Rada managed to achieve the introduction of innovative collections in the field of fashion under the signature “Camelot”.

Her philosophy is inextricably linked to the aesthetics of her creations, while she stands out for her design character, refined stylistic suggestions, but also for the timelessness of her collections.

The shop

The women’s clothing store A.RADA took its first steps in 1999. It has the collections of the Camelot company, offering cutting-edge exclusives, innovative combinations as well as tempting quality-price balances. The store is designed to provide a beautiful, comfortable environment, turning every visit into an enjoyable experience for its customers.

On its shelves and the store windows there are top-quality products for every moment of the day – from blouses, trousers, dresses to coats, belts and accessories that captivate with their explosive simplicity. How is this possible? With their unrivaled quality, combined with the high Aesthetics that distinguish them – an Aesthetics that is not flashy, but which nevertheless seduces, having as motto the “less is more”.

Customer service first

For A.RADA, the store team plays a major role in shaping the entire climate and customer interaction, being an integral link in the entire process. That is why they have made sure that the team is stable and in fact, they are in it from the first steps, which makes them well qualified and able to raise the bar of impeccable service.


Times change and so does the customer’s approach to shopping. That is why A.RADA, trying to follow the pace of the times, decided to offer its customers its impeccable service even remotely. Just like that, his very easy-to-use e-shop was created, which has stolen the impressions of its buyers and more.

In the e-shop, the visitor actually experiences all this high-quality shopping experience from the comfort of his home, with the aim, of course, the most immediate and fast supply of the desired products.