The company Achille Saridis was created by Achilleas Saridis in the early 1970s, specifically in 1974, in the center of Thessaloniki.

Initially, the company was active exclusively in the field of wholesale, producing high-quality clothing, such as suits and jackets, in its workshop which is located on Moskof Street behind the Thessaloniki Courts and employs approximately 120 staff.

The new era of retail

For about 17 years the business had this form, until 1991 when the first retail store was opened at 17 Tsimiski Street, while a little later in 1995 the second store took over at 76 Tsimiski Street. These two stores operate until today in the market of Thessaloniki, being points of reference in the area of men’s clothing in the city.

The reins of the Achille Saridis business have been taken over for several years by Vassilis Saridis, son of Achillea Saridis, who has introduced new and innovative ideas, transforming it into what it is today – with more variety of clothes for every occasion, fully in line with fashion trends.

Men’s clothing more refined than ever

The company Achille Saridis offers high quality men’s clothing for everyday – casual wear, while also specializing in the field of more formal wear, offering a wide variety of excellent quality suits.

The aim has always been to offer the best quality for consumers combined with the impeccable service provided by its experienced staff. A goal that was achieved, giving the public of Thessaloniki – and not only – men’s clothing with finesse and style that is difficult to find elsewhere and an excellent shopping experience.

The store’s experienced staff makes sure to provide the customer with all the time and knowledge they have, in order to leave the store completely satisfied and above all, having added to their collection timeless and at the same time completely modern clothes to accompany them in every occasion of life of – formal or informal.

Achille Saridis stores are a stylistic “conspiracy” of men who know how to appreciate quality and stylish clothing and always receive admiration for their clothing.

A word-of-mouth “secret” that grew over the years, conquering the men’s wardrobe. Here all the spotlights are turned exclusively on menswear with the ultimate goal of creating an irresistible ensemble. It is no coincidence, after all, that the Achille Saridis brand is now considered an integral part of men’s fashion throughout Greece.