If you are a lover of Asian and ethnic food, if you are looking for authentic and refined flavors and if you are ready to make bold culinary choices, then the “Asian Cuisine Grocery Store” is the ideal destination for you.

This particular grocery store attracts many people from all over Greece, as it is the only one that gathers products from all continents of the world.

On its shelves you will definitely find what you are looking for, while other products are constantly being added. Its wide variety is the result of its team’s constant search for dealers and suppliers from all over the world, with trips to top foreign exhibitions.

A story that goes back to 1924

The owner of the “Asian Cuisine Grocery Store”, Michalis Sotiriadis, was born into a commercial family and later, decided to follow the family tradition which spans many decades. But let’s start the story from the beginning…

The story begins in 1924, when his great-grandfather opened a grocery store on Vasileos Irakliou Street. His grandfather took over and later his father, with the “Grocery Store of Thessaloniki” on Komnenon Street. In February 2020, Michalis Sotiriadis made his own step in the commercial world of Thessaloniki with a store that was destined to steal the show, despite the difficult times of the pandemic that spread instantly across the globe.

The “Asian Cuisine Grocery Store” is a unique place in Thessaloniki, as it is the only one that supplies Asian cuisine products, combined with products from the Far East, Africa, Latin and North America.

As you explore the spaces of the “Asian Cuisine Grocery Store” you really feel your senses being stimulated as you discover exotic flavors that pique your interest, colorful and imaginative packaging that invites you to taste their contents and Asian utensils that impress you and make you crave to see them at your own table. There is no way to visit it and not want to try all these special products on its shelves…

At the “Asian Cuisine Grocery Store” you can find a variety of Asian cuisine products such as noodles, ricecakes, springrolls, springroll sheets and side dips.

Here you will even find a Sushi Meal Kit in case you want to experiment and make your own sushi in the comfort of your home, as well as chopsticks, a variety of utensils and decorations!

Delicious snacks for the whole family

The “Asian Cuisine Grocery Store” is a shop for the whole family, so it couldn’t leave even its Lilliputians customers complaining, as it makes sure to provide them with delicious treats and favorite snacks!

At the same time, in addition to retail, it also supplies stores with wholesale, upon order, while the e-shop of the asiangrocery.gr store will be launched soon, so that you can have all these products with one order at your door!

The stories of commercial families always contain a charm of other times, with the story of the Sotiriadis family being one such case, as they managed to be an integral part of the city for almost a whole century! And they continue, because the “Asian Cuisine Grocery Store” is here to stay, having in its quiver years of experience and plenty of love for this subject!