“Grateful Bakers” is a motto that has accompanied the “Biscotti Tsoungari” brand for years, but it is also at the root of their philosophy since 1936, when they started their business activity as a family in Thessaloniki, writing their own sweet story in the city.

In 1936, Nikolaos Tsoungaris was the one who started creating history from Vasilissis Olgas Street in the neighborhood of Depo Thessaloniki, with a traditional dairy shop with creams, ice creams and sweets. Then the grandfather of the family, Asterios Tsoungaris, opened the second traditional dairy of the family on the old Antheon Street, today known as Georgiou Papandreou Street, which grew in fame over the years, becoming the supplier of the most famous pastry shops, up to the 70s.

The 80s were decisive for the development of the business, as the son Filippos Tsoungaris decided to fill a significant gap in the then market of the production of biscuits and pretzels, producing from classic pretzels and petit fours to pretzels with honey and sesame, which they are considered their trademark product, with their unique recipe.

Modern, creative confectionery, with bases since 1936!

Since 2002, the fourth generation of the family, the children of Filippos Tsoungaris, Stergios and Maria, have been taking action. In the following years, initially in 2009, they create their current name Biscotti Tsoungari and start exporting their products to more than 15 countries, such as Germany, England, USA, Spain, Italy, Cyprus, Australia and Japan.

Based on the triptych of its ideals – quality, tradition and variety – the aim of “Biscotti Tsoungari” is to produce excellent quality products that preserve the authentic flavors of the family tradition, constantly expanding its range – a range that exceeds 100 types of biscuits and cookies, sweet and savory, Greek sweet breads, crispy chocolate wafers, syrup-soaked sweets and various seasonal items.

Traditional way of preparation

One of the elements that make the company unique is that all its products are handmade in the traditional way, based on selected and pure raw materials and in fact, according to the recipes created by “Biscotti Tsoungari” 86 years ago and which continues to creates based on the needs of its customers.

Their products are countless and certainly adored, however if we had to single out some then surely these would be the wonderful classic options of petit fours and vanilla cookies, the legendary honey cookies with sesame, the unique Greek sweet bread with chestnut filling, but also the famous Markolato, considered an excellent premium confectionery with wafers filled with tahini cream, hazelnut praline, peanut butter and espresso cream, sprinkled with sesame, cocoa, crocan and crushed biscuit.

Quality assurance

Ensuring the quality of Biscotti Tsoungari products is achieved by following food safety protocols and strict controls, applied by specialized company staff, but also by independent agencies. The laboratory is certified according to international quality assurance standards ISO 22000 and the staff is regularly trained in any new directive that is introduced.