At the corner of 43 Nikolaou Plastira Street and Anaximandrou Street, you will find a wonderful and favorite meeting point, a unique entertainment space based on the quality and excellent service of the people, that you will easily make it your hangout.

It is no longer considered by chance, one of the most beautiful places in the city.

The all day café bar “Deseo” opened its doors in 2006 in the Harilaou area and today offers, in addition to its beautiful breakfasts with all kinds of coffee, an excellent variety of brunch options and, of course, all the drink options, which anyone might want for their evenings in a cozy atmosphere and an excellent aesthetic environment.

In the beautiful courtyard of “Deseo”, with the large plane tree that generously offers its shade and coolness, you can enjoy every moment of the day in spring, summer and whenever the weather permits and feel truly rejuvenated.

In the colder months, you will enjoy its interior space, with the heat of the fireplace, which completely changes the atmosphere and, combined with the very special decoration, its imposing bar, offers unique experiences.

It is, moreover, a beautiful, modern and tasteful place, with good selections of Latin and house music by experienced djs and a main focus on the quality of food and drink, which attracts all ages.

From eight in the morning until late at night

In this special environment, you will be able to enjoy your coffee and relax, starting from eight in the morning until late in the afternoon.

Along with whatever coffee or juice you choose to start your day, there are excellent options for breakfast, brunch or lunch, which will fill you up and satisfy you completely.

Starting with the savory vegan pancake with coconut milk, mushrooms, colorful peppers, cherry tomatoes confit, smoked pepper puree and wild rocket, a dish ideal for all “Deseo” patrons.

 As well as the fresh, fluffy bread with cream cheese, guacamole, smoked salmon, capers and aromatic olive oil or the many options in yogurt, to start your day with an energizing and complete breakfast.

Even the very special egg with roast potatoes is a favorite suggestion, so that your day at “Deseo” always starts in the best possible way.

In the cellar you will find all the drinks, beers and wine list. The signature cocktails of “Deseo” stand out and you can enjoy them from the early afternoon and of course they are ideal for Saturdays in the city.

Enjoy your drink, at the really wonderful, wooden bar of “Deseo”!

 Whether you live in the Harilaou area or not, “Deseo” is one of the best all day destinations in Thessaloniki.

All you have to do is find your favorite spot in its green courtyard and enjoy every choice from the menu…

Have fun!