“Café Palermo” has been one of the most special coffee bars in the city since 2008, when it first opened, on Aristotelous Street. That special space, with its wonderful vintage objects, will be moved in May 2022  to the renovated part of Filiki Etairia, with a viewpoint of  the White Tower

Outside, the orange trees of the street frame the tables, while inside the vintage decoration continues to make it a special place in the city, with a warm atmosphere, where we can enjoy either alone or with  company, from morning coffee until our evening favorite drink

“Palermo” is intertwined with art, with the uniqueness of the objects that were and are its decoration, hence it took its name from the former Panormos – the ancient Greek name of the Italian city of Palermo – a Greek colony with a wide mix of cultures, which was and is an important cradle of Art.

The old “Palermo”, with a style from another era, was vintage not only in terms of the decoration, but also in terms of the eclectic building which hosted it, with the vintage tiles, the high ceiling and even the staircase itself, which led to the café.

Modern air with significant “heritage”

The new Café “Palermo”,  now at Filikis Etairias 3 and Romanou 4, perfectly in tune with the time, it is located in one of the most recently renovated areas of the center, an area with a long history as well – since here have worked and still working some of the the oldest and most famous cafés and bars of Thessaloniki.

The space maintains the same philosophy with the same tiles and the impressive, ornate staircase that leads to the upper floor, which with its bright, beautiful colors, is truly welcoming and pleasant.

In various parts of it, old scales, gramophones, mannequins, an American cash register, mirrors and clocks, film and photographic cameras and all kinds of small objects in wooden display cases, a bar with high stools, the sconces that decorate the walls, the wooden baby carriage , the Viennese chairs on the marble tables and an impressive, colorful stained glass window right behind, make the space unique.

Along with the philosophy and the decoration, where all the objects are from a private collection, the new, renovated, now airy space “inherited”, of course, the impeccable service from the team of its people.

Coffee, drinks and soon snacks

Well-made hot or cold coffee and other drinks during the day, finest drinks and cocktails in the evening while the list will be renewed in the spring, so we will be able to try new flavors, among them also various snacks

Tables inside and outside with music in jazz tones

The ideal spot, suitable for any age.

Whether you sit inside or at the tables outside, the experience will be unique, with jazz, retro, funky, swing, soul and not only music every day, but also a DJ set from Wednesday to Sunday evening. * The shop is pet friendly, as the shop’s cat, whose name is Tequila, roams somewhere between the tables and chairs. If you are her elite, she might join your company.

Tip: “Palermo” remains open throughout the week, from 10.00 to 02.00.