The Golden World of Costas Arvanitidis has traced a long course in the city of Thessaloniki from 1982 to today. Its history began as a small workshop that was active in the manufacture of high-end jewelry and watch repairs and was to develop into one of the most exclusive jewelry retail stores, located at Ermou str. 2, in the city center on the 1st floor.

Its 40 years of experience and success have made Goldenworld one of the leading stores of its kind, while at the same time it has earned a distinct reputation in the field of luxury.

By you side in all the important moments of your life

Goldenworld is one of the timeless places preferred by the people of Thessaloniki and beyond, for the most important moments of their lives, such as an engagement, a marriage proposal or the christening of a child.

This particular jewelry store has many and special options for all preferences, while due to the production of the workshop, there is the possibility of customizing each piece of jewelry, engraving them with the latest technology laser and their immediate delivery within a few days.

At the same time, you will find the largest collection of wedding rings (PLATIN-A, Breuning, SaintMaurice, etc.), single stone rings, crosses and impressive watches.

Goldenworld’s innovation

The creator and founder of the business is Mr. Constantinos Arvanitidis, who, through his pure love for the subject and the endless hours of his passion, managed to create his own innovation in the field.

More specifically, he was the first to patent and work with the metal PLATIN-A for the creation of wedding rings and crosses from an alloy of metals such as platinum, gold, etc.

These are unique jewels with a 5-year guarantee due to the fact that they withstand the corrosion of time and retain their shine. For years, the PLATIN-A series has won the impressions of its customers and is the first choice, especially for those new couples who are looking for impressive wedding rings at an affordable price, but also baptismal quality crosses.


In 2007, Goldenworld was one of the first jewelry stores that crated an online e-shop and to date operates over 1000 codes online, allowing us to do our research across a range of prices and designs.

The purpose of Goldenworld is that luxury and quality concern each one of us, adding “gold dust” to the most important moments of our lives, with affordable prices for the time. Surely this Golden World will not disappoint you!