“Harley Bar”. Its name is intertwined with the rock music and culture of Thessaloniki since, from the 2000s onwards, it was one of the largest and most well-known rock bars in the city, introducing countless young and older patrons to every genre of this unique music, which signifies an entire way of life.

Classic rock, hard rock, blues and countless musical evenings with well-known artists from all over the world have left their own history in the center of Thessaloniki, where it functioned as a bar and separately as a live stage, from 1997 to 2012. The rock evenings continue at “Harley”, now at Neoi Epivates – the shop opened its doors in 2011 – where we can now, also enjoy, besides from the rock nights, our coffee or drink, by the sea, during the whole year.

One thing we can say about “Harley Bar” and that is that it has left history. You heard “Harley” and knew what repertoire awaited you. Rock atmosphere, rock in everything, perhaps the biggest rock bar in Ladadika, was a hangout and meeting point for groups of students – even school students – a place where new acquaintances, relationships and collaborations began, which developed – perhaps the first – loves, that highlighted the culture of rock on a daily basis, from 1997 when it first opened coming from Siviri in Halkidiki – it had first opened there in 1992 – and from 2004 onwards, when it opened the “second” “Harley” in the center, purely as a live stage, with countless bands from all over Greece, Europe and America, having passed through his stage.

After all, the business was a pioneer from the beginning, since it was opened by its first and until now sole owner, Evangelos Dimos, being the first such place in the city, where what you heard in music, you also saw in video clip, which were shown on screens or of course live.

For coffee, beer, drinks by the sea

Since 2011 the “Harley Bar” has “moved”, this time to Neoi Epivates. “Like a Rolling Stone” it also “rolled” there and found its new roof, now very different, a breath away from the wave.

There, today’s new rock fans and many of the old ones of Thessaloniki, who still remain true to their tastes – many in their 50s and 60s – can enjoy their entertainment, even more completely.

Here, now, we can meet from early in the morning for coffee or chocolate with a view of the sea – it is literally two meters away from the tables – in the afternoon for cocktails, in the evening for a drink, for Greek, Belgian, Spanish, English and Czech beers, all day long since in the catalog, we find more than 40 codes for draft and bottled beers.

To accompany our drink at different times of the day, there are many snacks for beer, such as sausages, souvlaki, sutzukakia or club sandwiches.

… the rock goes on

“Harley” in the Neoi Epivates, remains rock and is the ideal place to experience some of the best moments. Melodies from the most classic music, such as the “Beatles”, the “Rolling Stones”, “Pink Floyd”, “Led Zeppelin” are heard daily from its speakers, enriched by blues, country and more pop sounds, but also some more easy listening genres, depending on the time of day and the mood is always intimate, friendly and upbeat.

A large wooden bar, wooden stools, tables and barrels for our cool beer to await us and of course the corresponding decoration, put us in the mood since we arrive.

It is open all the year round, with the pedestrian street directly opposite creating an even more beautiful scenery and people from all over Thessaloniki, along with many tourists from all over the world, arrive here to enjoy their favorite coffee or drink, accompanied of suitable background music, with live music once or twice a month and regular events – such as karaoke nights.

“Harley” is original, it doesn’t copy, it avoids compromise and that’s why it stands out. Just like rock.