Jenny Blond is the ultimate destination for authentic vintage clothing and accessories from past decades, for both women and men. It was created in 2018 by the sisters Kiki and Nancy Strataki, who introduced us to – initially, online at – this global trend and for some time now, they have been welcoming us to their new store, at Syngrou 5.

The physical store is a true vintage shopping paradise, while Jenny Blond’s e-shop is the largest online vintage store in Greece!

Even the name of the company is inspired by the scene of the movie “Girls for Kisses” by Finos Film, where the legendary Zoi Laskari dances in the finale as another Jenny Blond. A woman with passion, style, sophistication and personality, just like the girls envisioned, the Jenny Blond girls. But even the Jenny Blond boys are not left complaining because the store also has a large collection of unique classic men’s clothing.

Two dynamic women introduce us to the magic of vintage clothing

Kiki is a lawyer and actress and Nancy is a civil engineer and handball player. But mostly, they are both nostalgic for the past… Their love for old collectibles and sustainable fashion led them to create a brand that is far from the logic of mass consumption.

Two dynamic women and mothers at the same time, with vision and courage, Kiki and Nancy, urge other women to dare to be active in the field of entrepreneurship and do what they really love.

Philosophy and style

Each vintage piece is unique, a treasure from the past that increases in value over time. As an answer to “fast fashion”, vintage embraces creativity and the opportunity for recycling and personalization, as it gives you the possibility to create a completely personal style, with unique ensembles and updated combinations.

The countries of origin of the clothes are mainly Italy and England. Kiki and Nancy search hard to discover men’s and women’s clothing and accessories from past decades – mainly 70’s, 80’s, 90’s and 00’s. This requires a lot of travel and of course grading before they are available for sale. A piece to be qualified as authentic vintage must be 20 years or older. In this way, the character of an authentic “vintage store” is preserved.

A vintage store that stands out from the rest

Jenny Blond is not another thrift store with clothes that are simply used. Its clothes may be second-hand, but it only stocks authentic pieces from past decades, which have been very carefully selected. All clothes are cared for, washed, ironed and in excellent condition (cream vintage).

The collection is constantly renewed both in the physical store and in the online store, which has new arrivals every Friday!

Jenny Blond’s best-sellers

Dresses, pants, knitwear, skirts, jeans, coats, leather, jackets, sportswear, bags, shoes, belts, scarves and jewelry – it’s all there and waiting for you to discover!

Of particular interest is the men’s collection of Harris Tweed jackets made of handmade woolen fabric made exclusively in Scotland, as well as Waxed Jackets that remind of the English countryside!

The collection of ethnic clothes, African and Indian and mainly Japanese, is also unique, since Jenny Blond has fantastic authentic kimonos.

The best way to recycle is to re-wear high-quality, long-lasting clothes. This offers an added value to every piece you choose, with a positive impact on the environment, your pocket and undoubtedly your style. And as the… “Jenny Blondes” say: “We wear the past, we care about the future.”