“Moldee Bar Restaurant” opened on July 12, 2022 in the area of ​​Proxenou Koromila street, aiming to give a new direction to the gastronomic scene of Thessaloniki, as a result of the common idea and cooperation of a group of people with a common course of cooperation, for the last six years. Chefs Vassilis Mouratidis and Sofocles Maragoudakis joined forces in this joint business activity and wanted to show to even more people what they do successfully, so they named their place “Moldee”, which means “mold” and as a verb “give shape, form”, since the place itself takes the shape and form, which they want to give it.

The already thirteen-year collaboration of the two Chefs, with continuous awards in restaurants such as “Squirrel” and “Andromeda” – restaurants of the “Danai Resort” in Halkidiki – built on a relationship of unbreakable trust, freedom of open opinion and shared passion for gastronomy, ensures the “Moldee Bar restaurant” a truly special result. Both of them have built their professional path in Greece and abroad by acquiring expertise and stand out for the tasteful flawless dishes they create, with tensions and contrasts.

The gastronomic philosophy of the restaurant

As in other places where they worked, here too, the Chefs speak through their recipes – and the collective effort to discover new recipes – with proper management of excellent quality raw materials and a union of ingredients, which are balanced in taste and follow the… harmony of the seasons.

The constant curiosity to discover new combinations leads to the creation of dishes, which are characterized by their ingenuity and the element of surprise.

The menu is built on Mediterranean flavors with international influences and on the matching of food with drink and not only wine. It is no coincidence, since it concerns a Bar Restaurant, that they design their dishes with creative combinations of cocktails and a list of high quality spirits.

The restaurant offers two types of menu: all day menu and a la carte menu, the first ideal to start the day choosing from a wide variety of breakfast, brunch and coffee specialty and the afternoon’s lunch menu includes creative dishes that they also cater to the needs of those with busy schedules.

The second (a la carte), with signature dishes characterized by the element of surprise and the union of flavors, is perfectly combined with a list of creative cocktails, which complete the harmony of the dishes.

The raw materials come from small local producers in Greece and carefully selected producers abroad, since the people of the restaurant prefer the locality of the food, which makes them stand out for their distinctive taste, correct agricultural practices and excellent quality. They focus and invest, thus, in highlighting the particular characteristics of foods with geographical origin as a cultural fund of the place of origin and not simply as a product.

The menu suggestions

Based on an attempt to cover most taste preferences, the menu at “Moldee Bar Restaurant” is constantly renewed and evolving.

Its highlights include the fresh stuffed pasta with goat cheese, tarragon foam and tonka and mushroom aromas, as well as the duck pappardelle, a dish that marries pasta with duck in a harmonious combination, with flavor intensities and the special presence of truffle.

Another special dish is the chicken, wonderfully combined with the flavors of apple and date, which takes off with the albufera sauce, as it is characterized by the excellent unique grilling technique, which ranks it among the top preferences of the restaurant.

Among the sweet offerings, vanilla stands out, with its characteristic salt flower, accompanied by ice cream based on fresh Madagascar vanilla and carob honey.

These options are combined with wonderful cocktails, based on quality raw materials, special spirits and inventive combinations of flavors and sensations.

The space and its aesthetics

The space is equally unique. In Proxenou Koromila, a special street, which adapts every time with the passage of time – in the 2000s Proxenou Koromila street attracted the interest of large businessmen and branded clothing chains and became a reference point for elegance, high aesthetics and fashion – and today is a new pole of attraction for the creation of culinary destinations, the owners of “Moldee” have found the ideal building to create a relaxing space with aesthetics and to show what they know how to do well to more people.

It is a space with perspective, architecturally designed by “Taka & Partners”. The architectural design, influenced by the culinary concept of “Moldee”, is minimalistic and without unnecessary elements. The philosophy, almost magical, as they describe it: “by making a theoretical cut in a dish, the following ingredients are identified: the dish as a strong base, the ingredients that create the composition of flavors but also shapes and finally the topping that consists of impressive and light elements, which contribute to the creation of emotions and atmosphere.

So just like that, in the space you will come across patterns that refer to these shapes and forms and at the same time give the space a unique and special artistic aesthetic”. Gastronomy is constantly changing and evolving, and so is the city of Thessaloniki. Along with the latter, “Moldee” is also evolving – hence the name, which means “mould”.

“Moldee” is a wonderful space, where one can feel comfortable and be oneself, without taboos. The people co-create the atmosphere of their space, while the ‘Moldee’ team shape their interests and passion of their customers. It is the meeting point, for any time of the day.

Tip 1: For maximum service it is recommended to make a reservation, especially on weekends and peak periods.

Tip 2: The restaurant is open from Monday to Sunday from 09.00 to 01.00. The schedule is as follows: 09.00 – 13.00 Brunch, 13.00 – 16.30 Lunch, 19.00 – 23.00 Dinner, 13.00 – 23.00 Snack.