Agapinou Street is a small alley in the center of the city and the “Lola” tavern is an excellent stop for small plates (mezes), at any time of the day.

Across from Kamara, Agapinos alley goes down to Hippodromiou square, crossing Alexandrou Svolou street. At its beginning, as one turns from Egnatia street, the “Lola” tavern welcomes us with a space reminiscent of an island and smelling of the Cyclades – its interior – and its recent extension outside, directly opposite, so that we can enjoy our mezes and spirits and in its outdoor area.

And it’s delicious. As delicious as the dishes that Lola herself prepares in her kitchen every day, for old and new customers, for every passer-by and visitor to the city, who finds here an authentic representation of traditional Greek seafood cuisine.

The restaurant was opened in 1991, by Yiannis Ginis, from the city of Kavala, Lola’s father, who with a smile helps in the kitchen today. The philosophy, from the beginning, was one: spirits, with tsipouro as a primary, to be served on the tables with selected and some gourmet seafood and fish, by the children of the previous owner, who continue the family tradition.

Everything will come with the smile and mood prevailing in the “Lola” tavern. The small alley of Agapinos also has its hangout.