If we could liken Polis Hammam – Polis Loutron group of wellness and treatment stores, we would say that it is an imposing Temple of wellness for both soul and body. The strange thing, however, about this Temple is that each “worship” is dedicated to ourselves, to every part of our body, to every aspect of our personality, a Hymn to our well-being and essential care.

The Polis Hammam – Polis Loutron can offer us a complete ritual, full of mysticism and intoxicating aromas, that takes us back mentally to glorious times of the past, thus offering us a journey through time.

In its spaces you can contact with the relaxation and detoxification experienced for many years by the Ancient Greeks and other people around the world, with the most powerful weapon in their quiver being water and its magical properties. You will feel in every part of your body being cared, the gentle touch, communication and high-level services of the qualified therapists, experiencing the ultimate beautification and soul upliftment experience.

Plenty of services

At Polis Hammam – Polis Loutron you can enjoy a real-life experience throughout the year, through a wide selection of excellent hammam rituals, ritual massages and effective facial and body treatments.

Polis Hammam – Polis Loutron are the best choice for Greek and foreign visitors who are looking for the ultimate treatment and relaxation, while it is also suitable for events such as bachelor parties, anniversary celebrations, birthdays, etc.

Also, the services of Polis Hammam – Polis Loutron would be one of the most beautiful and original gifts for your loved ones, through the unique gift card, which you can get through its website or in physical stores.

The healing properties

Its specialized therapists will introduce you to the enjoyment of relaxation, as well as anti-aging, through treatments or actions in its spaces, relieving you, in the most effective way, of pain, nerves, insomnia, headaches, respiratory problems and musculoskeletal pain.

At the same time, the safety observed in accordance with all the protocols related to Covid-19 and the cleanliness of the premises are the main concern and integral principles of Polis Hammam – Polis Loutron.

Winner of Tripadvisor Traveler’s Choice Awards 2022

It is worth noting that the Polis Hammam – Polis Loutron have consistently received top awards, distinctions and excellent reviews from their Greek and international visitors, managing to be at the top of the tourist attractions in Europe, receiving for another year the Tripadvisor Traveler’s Choice Awards 2022.

Hammam Project

Finally, POLIS HAMMAM® is the only company in Greece that offers complete solutions for the study, design and construction of Authentic Traditional Hammams in Hotel units, Health Centers and Spas based on the needs and specifications of each space. Through its many years of experience and know-how, the company provides strategic planning, feasibility study, site needs assessment, site design supervision, construction, employee training, signature treatment menu creation and supervision of its operation.

A true lifetime…experience

Through the beneficial properties of water, Polis Hammam – Polis Loutron offer cleanliness, purification and sanitization of the soul and body. But the most important thing of all is that they really offer this life experience from the depth of their heart, as they offer a variety of options and packages for all walks of life.

This Temple is addressed to all of us, with the ultimate goal of embracing us, taking care of us and reviving us. And in an almost touching way, if we consider how “guilty” pleasure the personal care has become for us in a relentless everyday life… Let’s finally choose “us” and leave the rest to Polis Hammam – Polis Loutron… After all, happiness and well-being are a choice and we have certainly made ours!