For more than 25 years, the food production company “Provil”, based in Sindos, has been “inspiring” nutrition and “creating” taste, pioneering the field of delicious food design. Having become known for its quality-based, reliable and evolving food auxiliaries, it continues to develop and provide know-how, with innovative high-quality products and services in the field of gastronomy and food industries. Its main goal was and remains one: the promotion of Greek and Mediterranean gastronomy, as a model not only of food, but of an overall way of life.

“Provil” gives taste and support, in all that is related to cooking and nutrition, with its individual departments, also addressing different sectors: Provil Horeca covers the professional kitchen of restaurants, hotel units, mass catering areas and casual dining, Provil Industry refers to the food factories sector, Provil Butchery to the butchers’ sector and Cook At Home supports taste, nutrition and cooking at home, in all aspects of Mediterranean and Greek cuisine.

In other words, when it comes to cooking and nutrition, ‘Provil’ is in its element.

“Provil’s” history

Originally from Serres, the Voyannou family founded the company “Provil” in 1993, continuing the family tradition started by Christos and Nikolaos Voyannou, after the end of World War I, in Agriani Serres. The latter were engaged in the trade of food produced in their place. The second generation, with Vasilios and Theodoros at the helm, continued the occupation of gastronomy, with a restaurant-tavern in Gazoro Serres that operated for over 40 years.

Today, the third generation is now active in the food industry, initially having dealt with the trade of gastronomic products through imports and now as one of the most important Greek industries, producing products that are not only distributed in Greece, but also exported to 15 countries worldwide. Products aimed at mass catering and butchers’, but also at the everyday kitchen of a household.

Facilities and vision

With state-of-the-art production facilities in the industrial area of Sindos, just outside of Thessaloniki, with an area of 17,000 sq.m., where the production, storage and distribution of its products takes place and a branch in Athens, “Provil”, using raw materials of excellent quality, produces powder products, liquid products and cryogenically milled spices in a liquid nitrogen atmosphere. For their production, it collaborates with Scientific Bodies, Universities, Organizations in Greece and abroad.

The company’s research department, staffed with specialized personnel and equipped with state-of-the-art logistical infrastructure, constantly tests new raw materials using upgraded pilot production methods, while prestigious certifications ensure quality and safety, from the receipt of raw materials to production and product storage.

As the company is on a growth path, its investment plan foresees the expansion of production and the research and development department. Exports are the 5th key pillar in the development sector, while the company participates every year in the most important international trade fairs, highlighting Mediterranean and Greek gastronomy to professionals in every market and region, through dozens of new products, which designs and launches every year following market trends and needs.

The product categories

Marinades, seasonings, broths, soups, sauces, dressings, chutneys and dips, are among the products that have made “Provil” famous over the years. From rose chutney – with petals and spices – to basil pesto, dried herbs and all kinds of sauces, the company’s products come as important cooking aids in every kitchen, which can help, every kind of cook – professional or amateur and save time.

On the shelves of all large super markets and in many other stores, one can find selected codes each time, including delicatessen products, desserts and selected fillings.

From its very first steps, the company was next to the butcher, leading the market of meat preparations, in today’s “modern butcher’s shop” and in products ideal for easy and quick cooking, always with quality and reliability. The company organizes every year a number of trainings and seminars oriented to the sector with the aim of training professionals in the field, in the application of the company’s products in their work.

Each “Provil” product reflects a unique combination of gastronomic culture, heritage and reliability, achieved through teamwork, employee training, respect for health and the environment and an obsession with high quality.

As for the main part of Gastronomy, the professional catering – whether it concerns restaurants, or street canteens and any place where “a pot is put on the fire”, the company passes its own philosophy on Greek nutrition, with proposals and solutions, aiming the improving the taste effect.

Finally, «Cook at Home», the new “child” of “Provil”, is aimed at Greek women and men who cook at home and want to enjoy cooking and is about suggestions that make their lives easier. Whether it concerns roast beef or chicken-based recipes, in one little bottle you will find all the ingredients to prepare a high-quality meal every day. The result is the stability of the taste and the guarantee of natural products of the Greek countryside, from the Macedonian tomato and the local oregano, to the Cretan olive oil.

Soon, four new sauces will be added to the six already existing in “Cook At Home”.

Ambassadors of Greek cuisine

Reliability, creativity, efficiency and the development of knowledge and skills, give “Provil” a lead of excellence and universal recognition by its customers, for more than 25 years.

The pursuit of its people is to become ambassadors of the Greek and Mediterranean culinary culture and to introduce the Greek food culture to their partners worldwide.