When, in 2014, “Roots” first opened its doors, at 4 Balanou Street, in the heart of Athonos Square, it was the first exclusively vegetarian and vegan place in the center of Thessaloniki and a new page began, for the most “alternative” culinary proposals in the city .

A place with a purely restaurant menu, ideal for tastings different from any other place in the city. Its trademark is its vegan gyro, which has not missed a single day from the menu, its colorful and welcoming appearance, the charm of the place. “Roots” stands out from every other restaurant in Athonos square, thanks to its different personality and philosophy, which brought to the Thessaloniki market new, more complete recipes, based entirely on products that have absolutely nothing to do with meat (vegetarian) or with anything of animal origin (vegan).

Here, the vegetarian and vegan cuisine were presented for the first time in a more complete form, with products that are difficult to find in the market, products that make up the flavors of the menu, which is created by chef Giorgos Tsoleridis.

Every taste is unique, every cool sip from the cellar, comes to complement the special flavors. In “Roots” one finds everything, with a really different perspective!