“The Prince Barsserie” is not new in Thessaloniki, however the last three years, when it passed into new hands, were enough to redefine its identity and introduce us to a new way of entertainment, with a completely culinary character. The result is what you will read below and you can visit it every day, in the courtyard of Mediterranean Cosmos.
A place that welcomes us every day, from early in the morning. Starting with breakfast and options from the brunch menu, continuing with lunch, accompanied by coffee or one of the cool cocktails from the signature list – ideal for the afternoon hours – and closing with the wide wine list, which gives you the opportunity to the perfect combination for a delightful dinner.
The cuisine of “The Prince Barsserie”, is international. It is based on the philosophy of comfort food from various countries, while giving you the opportunity to try flavors that you will rarely find in other parts of the city.
It respectfully evolves popular recipes, recommending dishes with influences from both traditional and modern cuisine and “serves” you the ultimate casual dining & fine drinking experience, in an atmospheric environment.
Starting with breakfast, eggs, sourdough bread, selected cheeses, fresh vegetables and homemade jams or delicious chocolate flavors are combined by the chef on the plate and the result is delicious.

Tacos Plateados: An excellent suggestion

The propositions that definitely stand out on the menu of “The Prince Barsserie” are the Tacos Plateados. Served on large, wooden platters, ideal for sharing with your friends, they impress, both with the variety of flavors and colors, as well as with the combinations, which come to create a selection for the ideal pairing, whether it is wine or the signature cocktails or even for a cool beer, through the wide range available in the store.
Tacos with many different combinations and choices of chicken, pulled pork BBQ, flank steak tagliata, salmon or meatballs. From what we have learned, they are soon to be renewed with fresh ideas, which – from what we understand – never end, in the restaurant’s kitchen.
At the same time, you will find many appetizers to accompany the drink you choose. From the variety of cold meats and cheeses for your wine, to beef tartare and a wide range of cool salads, with combinations of ingredients and colors that will impress you.
Of course, the à la carte menu is supplemented with main courses and proposals in meat, seafood or pasta, while premium cuts of meat from around the world have their own special role in “The Prince Barsserie”.
Finally, let’s not forget dessert. In this particular case, the options available are made on site and made to order.

A hangout for any moment of the day

Whether you are moving east, or looking for a destination to go out with good food, premium drinks and good music, this is a spot that can become your “hangout” for any moment of the day!
You can relax and enjoy the space every day from 9 am to 1 am and on weekends until 2 am, to the sounds of atmospheric, lounge music, which becomes a bit more rhythmic in the evening.
Extra Tip: Try the large, square bar, to enjoy the excellent cocktails of “The Prince Barsserie”, under the supervision of the Bar Manager, Giorgos Damianidis.