Thermaikos is a bar legend, which was loved a lot during all these 30 years of its presence and still wins the love of the world.

It is undoubtedly one of the oldest and most historic café-bars in Thessaloniki. When it opened its doors for the first time, way back in 1992, there were very few bars on the coastal Nikis avenue. With personal work and a lot of love from the owner at that time and his wife, it established itself as a favorite hangout spot of many residents of Thessaloniki and beyond, as its reputation went beyond the city limits.

It has been operating under new management for the last year and a half. These are 4 young people who continue the history of this legendary place, fully respecting its history and name and continuing with the same philosophy.

Of course, they made the necessary small interventions, so that it could be modernized and become a more modern bar, which still holds the scepters of music and entertainment in the city.

With an air of renewal and creativity

As restless spirits, the owners have prepared impressive changes.

A new bar is being created inside the existing space, designed by a well-known artist and will be mosaic.

Its purpose is to support its events, but also the cold dishes, which will be included in its catalog for the first time! Yes, yes, you read that right! In Thermaikos you will now also find options for cold dishes.

Also, its first floor is being renovated, which will be turned into an art gallery, where exhibitions by local artists will be hosted. Thus, in addition to being a favorite hangout spot for all hours of the day, Thermaikos also becomes a space of expression for the city’s artists.

30 years starring in the city

In 2022, Thermaikos completed 30 years of operation and celebrated!

Throughout November there were photography, painting and clothing exhibitions from well-known local businesses. So we had the opportunity to get to know the creations of the people of the city, while enjoying our coffee or drink.

And, of course, to loudly celebrate the love of the world all these years, Thermaikos organized big parties every Friday-Saturday-Sunday, where street outdoors and cult battles were also hosted!

All about Sundays

Thermaikos as it used to be! The legendary afternoon parties on Sundays are back in full force. Every Sunday and until the end of the winter season, from noon, the intensity of the music increases, guest DJs give their best and the fun takes off! Happy vibes, great music and a unique atmosphere is the best way to end the weekend and welcome the new week ahead.

Thermaikos is a unique place, which knows how to win and return the love of the world all these years and will continue to star in our hearts for many years to come!