“Villa Luna” in Panorama, is a café-bar-restaurant, which is considered one of the most must to be spots in Thessaloniki. It has a long history behind it, starting from the beginning of the 70s when, as a pizzeria at the time, it was famous for its peignirli.

Decades later, it has been transformed into an impressive place with a view that continues to be outstanding and a wide menu that covers even the most demanding preferences, starting in the morning with delicious suggestions for breakfasts and juices and closing when the moon rises, with cocktails and excellent dishes.

«Villa Luna» means «House of the Moon» and it is easy to understand why this beautiful place in Panorama has this name. The new management has turned it into a cafe – bar – restaurant, and it will become the background of the most beautiful moments of its customers.

With a view of Thessaloniki and the bay of Thermaikos, and even Mount Olympus when the sky is clear, it is here to host from business dinners to friendly coffees of each group, always under the starry sky and with its terrace ensuring a great experience for all.

The place is located next to pine trees and in well-kept private gardens of the area, its decoration is simple and allows each of us to focus on the basics: the menu and what comes to each table. It is certainly the right place for warm meetings in the winter and cool mornings or evenings in the summer and it is no coincidence that those who got to know it immediately became its regular customers.

Breakfast, lunch and dinner

The menu covers, literally, every need in food and drink, at any time and moment. The cuisine is modern Greek, with options to suit all tastes and a menu that changes twice a year.

The tradition of peignirli, pizzas and coffee continues, but at ‘Villa Luna’, the menu is sophisticated. Breakfast is served until 2pm, while the dining kitchen opens from 1pm, allowing for meals always with the excellent view of ‘Villa Luna’, which combines the whole package – excellent food, view, quality and service.

The rich suggestions of the menu

The meal can start with one of the excellent appetizers of ‘Villa Luna’, such as mushroom tetralogy with aromatic oil of fresh herbs, sea bass tartare, Corinthian flounder, veal carpaccio or octopus carpaccio.

The salads, except from the classic ones, include a rich pineapple salad and quinoa salad, ideal choices that surprise with their originality.

Among the peignirli, the “traditional” handmade peignirli stands out, made here with Metsovo butter and aged Soho caseri, and its counterparts with ham or pastourma.

In pizzas, respectively, in addition to the classic flavors, there is also the store’s namesake pizza, with handmade tomato sauce, fresh mozzarella, mushrooms, pepper, ham and smoked bacon, as well as the “truffle” pizza, with handmade truffle sauce.

Risottos and pastas have a special place on the list, such as seafood or mushroom risotto, fresh beetroot ravioli with pumpkin and Italian cheese filling, wild Greek truffle linguine, with 100% cow butter and potato gnocchi, with four cheese sauce and Smoked bacon.

Among the main courses, stand out the “Villa Luna” burger with 100% American Black Angus ground beef, the American Flank steak in tagliat cut and the brisket with celeriac puree as part of the meat courses, as well as the salmon fillet with vegetable millefeuille and sauce from Santorini’s Vinsanto or the sea bass fillet, in the fish courses.

Sweet delights…

The meal closes sweetly, with options ranging from brownies or bitter chocolate with white chocolate tears, lemon pie, millefeuille with caramelized forest fruits, traditional Panorama triangle with vanilla patisserie and caramel sauce, etc. up to several choices in ice cream flavors.

… and drinks

All of the above are perfectly combined with the very good selection of white, red and rosé wines from the wide wine list of “Villa Luna”, which also contains sparkling wines and champagnes, all selected from the best Greek estates.

For those who only want coffee, breakfast, a smoothie or something else nutritious for energy during the day or even a relaxing or invigorating tea, there is a wide range of coffees, chocolates, codes from the “Tea Routes”, but also Roibos vanilla – theine-free drink, ideal for those who practice homeopathy.

Smoothies and mocktails (cocktails without alcohol) and of course signature cocktails of the store, complement the selections in drinks and beverages.

Finally, to accompany beer, wine or another drink, but also for a shorter meal, there are the appropriate charcuterie platters, as well as the simple and humble toast, club sandwiches, spring rolls, burgers and more.

The menu at “Villa Luna” is endless! It is not by chance, the ideal spot in Panorama to enjoy all the moments of the day. From morning till night.

Tip 1: The large hall of “Villa Luna” is available for business meals and more, in a luxury environment with a minimal atmosphere, dark tones and a modern brasserie feel. It is a constant rendezvous of business people and the most beautiful presentations of the area.
Tip 2: “Villa Luna” belongs to one of the leading nationwide catering companies, according to the Greek Awards organization.
Tip 3: Reservations are only possible for the restaurant and not for the cafe.