Vasileos Herakliou strait, Louloudadika area, the historic Modiano Lodge and somewhere there, one of the oldest and well known haunts of the region: “Vomvidia”.

Open steadily since 1982, a haunt from time to time for any kind of patrons, from residents of the area, to every “cool” visitor of the city, this beloved restaurant has become famous for over one reason, all these years.

Initially for its special soutzoukakia, which were baptized “vomvidia” (which means little bombs) by a customer in the first years of operation of the restaurant, until the handmade sauces, which accompany tasty, whatever you order. And the restaurant, it’s still evolving.

“Vomvidia” were not called that way in the first place. When they first opened, in the early 80s, it was a small restaurant, literally unnamed, that collected a lot of people every day, regulars that all became one company, in one of the most central parts of the city, in the small strait of Vassileos Herakliou, with the smells of the products of the adjacent Modiano market, reaching their tables.

Their specialty at the time was their soutzoukakia, based on a recipe from Istanbul, accompanied by bukovo, and on the tables the meats came out only with tomato, feta cheese and onion.

It was the special shape of their soutzoukakia, which inspired a customer sometime in 1983, who called them “vomvidia”, becoming the… “godfather” of the store’s name since then, which made it well-known throughout the city and not only.

“Vomvidia” today

Having passed, in 2001, into the hands of the second generation of owners and from 2012 into those of the third, the initially small shop grew in menu and space and is now a restaurant, where you can enjoy, in addition to the classic and irreplaceable “vomvidia” and the rest of the meats in the catalog, a series of flavors that complement your taste palette.

On the menu you will now find pancetta, pork or chicken souvlaki, delicious steaks and country sausages, meat suggestions in sandwiches and in portions, which you can enjoy on the spot or take away.

The salads, sauces and cheeses have increased, especially the grilled cheese selections stand out, while in a short time, from the coming autumn, its people will be reserved for beef doner and spits and you will have two additional reasons, to at least stop by for a visit.

No need to book, since the restaurant is in an extremely popular spot and is always welcoming and open, for customers and passers-by!

Tip 1: You can also order all the dishes on the menu through the E-food application.

Tip 2: “Vomvidia” are one of the classic spots in the city, where every Tsiknopempti (Grill Day in the greek carnival season) is literally packed with people.