When, in 2017, “Charoupi” opened in Thessaloniki, new roads were opened in the city’s Cretan cuisine. There is no other similar restaurant here, which combines Cretan and experimental cuisine together and it is undoubtedly a place that contributed to their completely different rise.

Here, Cretan flavors become modern, while remaining authentic and accessible to everyone, while tsikoudia and escargot find their most gourmet place.

The meals at “Charoupi” are special. They are kind, bright and smell like tsikoudia. And they are stately, cosmopolitan and well cared for, from start to finish. The flavors are pure Cretan, without exaggeration, with quality ingredients and products from the island of Crete and personal touches of Chef Manolis Papoutsakis, and the first glass of raki is always free, as the Cretan custom dictates.

Here, Cretan cuisine in Thessaloniki is represented not in the form of a simple tavern, but through a completely innovative restaurant, with a uniquely refined menu and the uniqueness of Crete, but also with cheerful and smiling faces.

Among other things, “Charoupi” has twice received the “Top Notch” Award for Greek Modern Cuisine from the “Golden Hats” organization (Chrysoi Skoufoi), four years the “Greek Cuisine Award”, as well as three times the star from the “FNL” Guide . For its owner and Chef, however, the essential and most important prize is “the world” itself.