Dr. Athina Giannopoulou graduated from the Medical School of AUTh and continued her studies in the USA, with an excellent performance at the ECFMG and FLEX examinations.

A Member of the melanoma research team at DUKE University, she began her career in Surgery to continue adding the Specialty of Plastic Surgery to the University of North Carolina.

Next station was Atlanta, where she was trained as a Fellow in Aesthetic Surgery and Breast Surgery next to the most important professors in the world.

She founded the Faces Plastic Surgery center, known for its high standards and innovative methods in North Carolina, assuming training of Duke Interns as a Clinical Assistant Professor.

The quality of services attracted patients from all over the world, especially with breast problems and mass weight loss.

Returning to Greece and continuing with the same vision, she founded the Plastic Surgery Center of Plastic Surgery where, together with her experienced team, she aims at personalized care.

Using pioneering techniques, excellent quality materials and multiannual experience, focusing on patient safety, the center offers the highest level of services of Aesthetic and Reconstructive Plastic Surgery.

Dr. Giannopoulou medical cabinet expresses her attitude and philosophy as far as cosmetic and reconstructive plastic surgery is concerned, which is more than our image in the mirror. It is a returning smile, a pain that goes away for good, the new way we walk, a step ahead in life.

Medical intervention on the face or body is life changing. That is why more than medical skills are required. There must be trust and personal care. At GA Plastic Surgery, holistic treatment is offered with professionalism, respect and discretion. Patients from Greece and abroad arrive at GA Plastic Surgery every day.

At the same time Dr. Giannopoulou teaches her peer doctors the modern techniques of soft aesthetic methods such as fillers.

Known also for her social activity, Dr. Giannopoulou is the founder of AELIA, a non-profit organization for breast cancer (www.aelia.org.gr)